Ceb has a message for OG Doubters

Vignesh Raghuram
18/Apr/2020 06:53 am
  • After OG's win against Team Secret, Ceb joined Gorgc on his stream and talked about the match. He also talked about OG doubters and gave them a message.
  • Ceb stated that OG's mentality in that game was very TI8-esque and that OG were just 'chilling'.
  • He also asked OG's doubters to give them a 50/50 chance in their games

After OG’s ridiculous triumph at the ESL One Los Angeles Online League against Team Secret, OG’s two time TI winning offlaner Sébastien "Ceb" Debs hopped on Gorgc’s stream to talk about the game and how OG handled the pressure and won the game for their team. He also had some words of advice for the doubters of OG.

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Ceb’s Message to OG’s Doubters

Ceb also responded to some of the doubt that OG had been getting on Gorgc's stream. 

“I think ‘doubting and OG’ has become a ‘name a more iconic duo’ thing. People just keep doubting us. We won two TIs, can you give us some credit. We can take a game from teams. At least give us a 50/50 chance, we are not even asking you to consider us as the favourites, just give us a 50/50. We’ve won games against the best I think, come on.”

Ceb on OG’s Mindset in Game 2

Ceb spoke about the relatively calm OG demeanour and how OG handled the pressure of being 40k Gold behind.

“Honestly, we did not feel worried at all this game. It was very TI8-ish, we were chilling, we were trying our best, we were just looking at what we can do. The more the game dragged on, the more plays we started having.

There was a point where it felt really hard because they were breaking what we wanted to do, there were fights that we lost, I don’t think we should have lost them that way but whatever, they outplayed us, maybe we played sloppy, maybe both, that moment in the game felt rough and then we kept thinking about how we can take it from there.”

OG will now face Virtus.Pro in their next matchup, later today.


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