Meracle Heroics Fail to Stop Fnatic’s Freight Train at the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia

Vignesh Raghuram
11/Apr/2020 01:04 pm

Image Courtesy: DreamHack

Fnatic continues to rack up the wins while T1 continues to falter. Fnatic continued to rack up the momentum, following their recent triumphs at the Dota Summit 12 and ESL One LA Online League.

They opened up their account at the  BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia with yet another 2-0 victory.

T1 has undergone so many roster changes, that even we find it difficult to keep track of. Their latest iteration featuring the likes of Meracle and inyourdream continues to falter after disappointing runs at many online tournaments and even LAN events.

It wouldn’t surprise us if T1, known for their legendary League of Legends lineup decided to cut off their Dota 2 division after these results.

Fnatic vs T1

Game 1: Fnatic played with an Alchemist lineup in Game 1 with some wonky lanes. They raked up the networth and were headed to an easy victory. But a big teamfight turnaround by T1 prolonged the game. However, eventually, Fnatic just overwhelmed the Korean-based team to secure the win in 50 minutes.

Game 2: The second game saw Meracle put up a hell of a fight on his Riki putting up a devastating 17/5/7 KDA which would have been enough to beat lesser teams. However, Fnatic withstood the terror of Riki, long enough for 23savage to get ample farm on his Anti Mage which allowed him carry his team to a 40 minute victory.

The other match of the day saw Reality Rift 2-0 BOOM Esports.

Tomorrow, we will see Geek Fam, TNC Predator and Fnatic all in action at the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia


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