ForZe Drama: Captain alleges that ForZe tried to reduce the team’s wages by 3 times

Vignesh Raghuram
21/Mar/2020 11:38 am

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After ForZe’s statement earlier yesterday, former captain VANSKOR stated that almost everything in it was false and that he was going to refute it by posting a statement of his own. Well, he duly delivered. He posted a long statement on elaborating his experience with ForZe.

He started by refuting the statement of ForZe’s CEO.He noted that, according to the club’s CEO, the roster was no longer associated with the organization at the time of the incident. He cited this and stated:

"The organization decided to fine the entire squad on the day of the announcement of the dissolution for a significant amount. It is important to note that not one player was fined, but the entire squad. Why all the players? Nobody knows, we were asked to go to court and decide everything there.


According to the statements of the ForZe management, we were fired three days before the pub incident. On what grounds were we fined then, if at the time of the conflict between 19teen and Travoman, we were no longer related to the organization?".

An attempt to get rid of the team?

The player also stated that ForZe issued an ultimatum to the team after their 6th place finish in the 3rd Minor of the season, alleging that they wanted to get rid of them.

“After our performance in minor, without discussing anything with the players, the organization issued a strict ultimatum by contacting our manager. Either we had to lower our salaries by 3 times and generally worsen working conditions with the squad, or we would be let go.

Can we consider this an attempt by the organization to get rid of us?“

Bootcamp issues

The player also alleged that hosting Bootcamps was a major issue with the organization, stating that the founders just couldn’t agree with each other, which impacted the scheduling of the bootcamp. 

“One says one thing, the other another. One evening they tell us that the bootcamp will be ready on time. A few days after signing the contract they inform that no one knew about the bootcamp and it was not budgeted.”

Vanskor also talked about how the team also had problems with the boot camp and the conditions of it. According to him, forZe players had to buy food on their own - the club compensated for the costs, but the team was often distracted from the training process because of this.

ForZe's CEO has refuted these allegations and stated that what VANSKOR wrote was not true.

Earlier this week, ForZe’s mid laner Egor “19teen” Lexutin made some toxic comments in his Pub games after playing with Russian Youtuber TraVoMaN’s Techies. However, this comment became viral and damaged the image of ForZe and their sponsor LukOil.

As a result, LukOil fined forZe 1 Million Ruble ($12,700~ USD). Shortly after, the organization announced the disbandment of their Dota 2 roaster. 

Translations have been edited for grammar and clarity.


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