Rumour: PPD or 1437 to join TNC?

Vignesh Raghuram
26/Aug/2019 05:41 am

With The International 2019 coming to a close, it is time for the spiciest time of the year: The Post-TI Roster shuffle season. 

Many have indicated that the western scene is undergoing massive shuffles, with CCNC and KBBQ stating that there are going to be seismic changes this season.

V1lat also revealed some of the bigger changes in the CIS region on his podcast:

Credits: /u/Vitosi4ek

PPD's Tweet

But there have been no revelations about the SEA scene until this moment. In what may be the biggest roster change we've ever seen in SEA, PPD has just alluded that he might be considering a move to TNC Predator.

In all likelihood, this is just PPD memeing; but considering the fact that one of the biggest aspects lacking in TNC Predator and the SEA scene in general at the moment is leadership, this move would transform the landscape of SEA Dota 2 for good.

Perhaps PPD is testing the waters? We'll have to wait out and see.


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