TI9 Day 4 Main Event Recap: Best Highlights, Memes, Fan Reactions

Vignesh Raghuram
23/Aug/2019 02:22 pm

Only 5 teams remain in the International 9 after we bid goodbye to 3 more teams on Day 4. RNG, Infamous and Evil Geniuses all managed to put up relatively good showings, but they will be disappointed to go out of the International after they all suffered quick 0-2 losses resulting in the shortest day of TI9, so far.

Team Liquid vs RNG

The day kicked off with Team Liquid taking on Royal Never Giveup. The Chinese team put up a valiant defence against the European juggernauts, until the very end. But Team Liquid showed that they’ve completely recovered from their Lower Bracket jitters putting up some phenomenal performances.

Game 1 saw Team Liquid secure a relatively easy victory after Miracle farmed up a storm on his Gyrocopter. RNG could only watch, as he held his ground against everything the Chinese team threw at him and still destroy their base.

Game 2 was a much closer affair. Both teams managed to head into the late-game with ample farm on their cores. But Liquid emerged victorious after W33’s Tiny managed to get a hold a Scepter and two Daedali and dished out a humongous amount of damage that RNG just couldn’t survive.

Team Liquid moved on to the next round of the lower brackets to face Evil Geniuses

Team Secret vs Infamous

Infamous wrote history when they secured a Top 8 at TI9. They were the first South American team to accomplish that feat. It is a testament to their skill and just how far the South American scene has come when many gave them a 50-50 shot against Team Secret.

Infamous pulled out a surprise Riki pick in the first game of the series. Team Secret on the other hand, went all-in on teamfight with Earthshaker and Faceless Void as their 1-2 cores. Infamous held their own with this lineup and at one point held a 82% win probability. However, with a series of incredible teamfights, Secret fought back to take control of the game. Eventually, Nisha and Midone were just too tanky for Infamous to handle and ended up carrying Secret to a Game 1 victory.

Game 2 was a far more one-sided affair. Team Secret upped their tempo and were making too many fast movements that blindsided Infamous. The South American team just couldn’t handle the pressure applied by Midone’s Tiny and Nisha’s Faceless Void. Even though Hector found himself on top of the networth charts, he wasn’t really effective. Team Secret had more than enough control to overwhelm and burst him down before he could dish out any damage. They cruised to victory in Game 2 to setup a clash against Vici Gaming tomorrow.

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

The last NA hope, Evil Geniuses appeared to be in control of the game after a stellar laning stage. However, Team Liquid made sure to split push and avoided team fights until they had amassed enough farm on Miracle’s Faceless Void. Once he got online, Evil Geniuses were left in the dust as they simply couldn’t tank through Liquid’s immense teamfight potential. Thereafter the Europeans managed to claim tower after tower, and just snowballed to victory to grab the lead in Game 1.

Team Liquid decided to shake things up a bit and went with an Alchemist and Dark Seer (First appearance in TI9) as their cores. Even though Evil Geniuses managed to win 2 out of 3 lanes, they left W33’s Alchemist unchecked, which left him free farming the jungle and racking in the gold. As a result, he managed to get himself a Radiance+BKB in just 16 minutes and snowballed to a convincing win in just 30 minutes.

Highlights of the Day

1. Setsu Reaction Speed

2. Gyrocopter Mid-Air Buyback to turn the fight

3. Infamous insane bait

4. Balanced ability?

Best memes | Funny moments

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It really do be like that sometimes

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Dendi snatches the Cheese

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Most Emotional Moments | Best Fan Reactions

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On EG's defeat

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