TI9 Day 3 Main Event Recap: Best Highlights, Memes, Fan Reactions

Vignesh Raghuram
22/Aug/2019 06:25 pm

Day 3 of the main event at the International 9 was one of the most entertaining days of the tournament so far, with some amazing plays, incredible memes and some top tier Dota. We saw two more teams make their way out of the event with Mineski and Newbee bowing out of the event after losses to Team Secret and Infamous respectively.

Meanwhile, in the upper bracket we had the clash of the Chinese giants. PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming went toe-to-toe against each other with a packed stadium cheering them on. In the end, PSG.LGD managed to slay VG 2-0 to book a place in the Winner Bracket Finals. OG would later join them after a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Evil Geniuses to setup a rematch against PSG.LGD.

For comprehensive recaps of the matches please click here:

Mineski put up a hell of a fight before being eliminated by Secret

It is a repeat: OG beat EG 2-1 to setup clash with PSG.LGD

Hence the playoff brackets at the end of Day 2 of the main event looked like this:

Best Highlights

1. Mineski's insane 3v5 hold against Team Secret's full might

2. SumaiL's Blink Dodge

3. Infamous.Scofield saves Whisper from certain death

4. Yapzor's 3 Man Chrono into RP

5. Topson's Tactical Nukes on Fly

Funniest Moments of the day | Best Memes

Cap makes us wet

Tsunami closes out Day 3

Blitz gets a bit too excited from the Dota

Arteezy in Game 3 against OG

Credits: /u/meeposki

"Midone we need to talk about your performance"

Credits: /u/TheDerpyDonut

Best Fan Reactions | Most Emotional Moments

1. Spanish Casters' emotional moment after Infamous achieves the highest ever finish for a South American team

2. Ceb's emotional roar after prevailing over EG again

Credits: /u/TembuHorin10


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