Virtus.Pro get eliminated by RNG; No[o]ne says VP might undergo roster shuffles

Vignesh Raghuram
21/Aug/2019 12:01 pm

Image Courtesy: Valve

China still stands strong, with RNG prevailing over Virtus.Pro in the first elimination match of the day. The Bears finished in 9-12th place with $674k USD in prize winnings. This is Virtus.Pro’s worst-ever finish with this iteration of their roster.

Virtus.Pro vs RNG

Game 1: Virtus.Pro raced away to an incredible start to open the series. They managed to secure a 3000 Gold net-worth lead, by 18 minutes, despite RNG having an Alchemist on the opposing side. They had a whopping 82% win probability at that point.

However, RNG managed to make a comeback with some incredible teamfights. Virtus.Pro lost control of the game around the 23-minute mark, as they got teamwiped handing the game on a silver platter to RNG. The Chinese team took full advantage and overwhelmed their opponents to secure the victory.

Game 2: The second game had a similar pattern, with Virtus.Pro getting off to a great start. But RNG’s sustain was simply superior in the mid-game phase, VP was not able to kill off the enemy heroes, they simply lacked the damage to overcome RNG’s Omniknight. They managed to pick off VP, bit by bit, across the map to amass a massive advantage.

RNG finished off VP, in front of the roaring hometown crowd 10 minutes later.

After the game, during the post-game interviews, Virtus.Pro’s midlaner No[o]ne revealed that he might not play with the same 5-man lineup in the next season.

It is a sad way for one of Dota 2’s greatest dynasties to come to an end.


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