Mineski make an insane comeback to knock out Na’Vi from TI9

Vignesh Raghuram
20/Aug/2019 04:33 pm

Just 19% win probability? No Problem.

History repeated itself once again. In a nail-biting thriller, Mineski made one of the biggest comebacks of The International 2019 against Na’Vi to book their place in the next round of the lower brackets.

In the elimination match, both teams were able to draft comfort picks including Nikobaby’s Wraith King, Kpii’s Enigma and Magical’s Sniper. Even though Na’vi had the superior late-game lineup on paper, the game started off at a slower pace, with both teams content to farm up their heroes and played it very safely, as is the norm in BO1 elimination matches.

This would prove to be far more beneficial to Na’vi in the mid-game phase. Mineski simply couldn’t initiate a fight, as Magical’s sniper was just too elusive. He just stood in the back lines and slaughtered the Mineski lineup with his absurd DPS.

However, Na’Vi made a fatal mistake around the 30 minute mark, the same mistake Jinesbrus made in Game 4 of the TI9 SEA Qualifier finals. They decided to rush the finish and went for the throne after just claiming 1 lane of Barracks, in an attempt to end the game early. This move backfired as Mineski turned the fight around and were able to claim plenty of exit kills to take a racks of their own in the aftermath.

Eventually, raging-_-potato’s Shadow Demon was able to purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter which allowed Mineski to kite Na’Vi’s Sven and catch out Magical’s Sniper to secure mega creeps and secure the win.

Day 2 of The International 2019 will kick off tomorrow at 07:30 AM IST | 10:00 AM SGT/PHT


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