The International 9 - Day 3 Recap: Best Memes, Highlights, Fan Reactions

Vignesh Raghuram
17/Aug/2019 02:47 pm

Day 3 of the International has finally come to a close and we have our first elimination. Chaos E.C. has been eliminated from the tournament after a dismal group stage performance which saw them only win 2 games out of 14.On the other hand, we also saw some teams secure their place in the upper brackets and yet again, a few mega-creep comebacks. We saw some of the highest quality matches we’ve ever seen in TIs.

Here’s a brief recap including the best memes, highlights and plays from Day 3.

Group A

Image Courtesy: Wykrhm Reddy

PSG.LGD and Team Secret have qualified for the upper brackets in Group A, while Chaos E.C. has been eliminated from the tournament.

Chaos E.C. were clearly a step below the rest of the playing field and will walk away from the tournament with $83,000 USD and an 18th place finish. They’d certainly be disappointed with this underwhelming showing.

Two teams who won’t be disappointed with their performances are TNC and Mineski. They managed to take games off Team Secret and are in a prime position to grab an upper bracket spot. A good performance on Day 4 will carry them through.

Newbee has essentially become NA’s best hope after consistent performances see them sitting in third place. Team Liquid and Alliance also have the chance to grab an upper bracket spot if the results go their way.

Keen Gaming has been relegated to a Lower Bracket berth after yet another disappointing Day at the office.

Group B

Image Courtesy: Wykrhm Reddy

OG is the clear cut winner of Group B. They are reminiscent of the Wings Gaming team at TI6, where they could draft any lineup and still manage to find a way to sneak a victory. They look terrifying heading into the Upper Brackets.

Vici Gaming seems to have had the wind knocked out of them after their 2-0 loss at the hands of Evil Geniuses. They dropped games to Infamous and NiP earlier today. With their final two opponents, being Na’Vi and OG they are now in real danger of dropping down to the lower brackets.

Na’Vi and Evil Geniuses manage to cling on to their 3rd and 4th place spots despite dropping games to Fnatic and Infamous respectively. A strong finish to their Group Stages is necessary if they want to qualify for that Upper Bracket slot.

Fnatic and Infamous are still within striking distance of the aforementioned slots. If they manage to win both their series tomorrow, an upper bracket slot is still up for taking. RNG and Virtus.Pro are still dangerously close to elimination. One slip up could have dire consequences on the final day.

NiP need a miraculous recovery for them to escape elimination. Can PPD pull it off in the clutch against Infamous and Evil Geniuses tomorrow?

Top Highlights of the day

1. Miracle turns it around

2. Ana styles on Fnatic

3. Zai's Chrono dodge

4. Newbee's Mega Creep Comeback

Memes of the Day

OG TI9 Strats Leaked

Credits: /u/Movand

Credits: DanteZed

Best Fan Comments/Reactions

Credits: /u/SpaNkinGG

Credits: /u/Maxxhat

Credits: Thraxox


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