TI9 Day 2 Main Event Recap: Best Highlights, Memes, Fan Reactions

Vignesh Raghuram
21/Aug/2019 04:54 pm

Day 2 of the main event has finally come to a close and we saw two more teams get eliminated from the tournament. Russian veterans Virtus.Pro and Filipino hopefuls TNC Predator were sent packing after they lost their respective matches 2-0.

On the other side of the brackets, OG smashed Newbee 2-0 to send them down to the lower brackets while Evil Geniuses managed to bring down Team Secret 2-1 in the most tightly contested series of the day to send them to the lower brackets.

For comprehensive recaps of the matches please click here:

Hence the playoff brackets at the end of Day 2 of the main event looked like this:

Best highlights

1. OG fountain farming Newbee

2. Team Secret hits the Wombo Combo to force the 'GG' call

3. Arteezy clutch fight at 10% HP

4. RNG punish VP's mistake

5. Team Secret instigates the comeback

6. 200 IQ play by VP

Best Memes

Puppey's reaction after Zai's Sand King against EG

VP at TI9

Image Courtesy: /u/joooh

A preview for Tomorrow

Credits: /u/iamveganboy

Best fan reactions/posts

Credits: /u/zadilebwc

Credits: /u/ITsLoverBoy

Credits: /u/Vitosi4ek

Credits: /u/webuiltthisschmidty


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