Why you need to watch Red Bull's latest feature documentary 'Against All Odds'

Vignesh Raghuram
8/Aug/2019 12:00 am

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Nearly a year ago, OG pulled off the greatest feat in Dota 2 history. After being reduced to a 3 man unit, just weeks before TI8, the ultimate underdogs managed to become the first Open Qualifier team to ever win The International.

Red Bull’s ‘Against All Odds’ is a feature-length documentary that gives us a closer look of not just OG’s iconic TI victory but also goes the extra mile, showcasing every single player’s journey leading up to that moment.

Here’s why you need to watch this masterpiece.


It is a fantastic sequel to True Sight

While Valve’s True Sight on The International 8 was brilliant, it only really focussed on the Grand Finals between PSG.LGD and OG. It showed us the intricacies of the gameplay and the range of emotions that the OG and PSG.LGD players went through in great detail. However, we wished we could have seen just that little bit more. The EG-OG match, why this victory meant so much for OG, etc.

Against All Odds showcases just that. We get a detailed glimpse of everything that N0tail and OG went through, in order to win TI8. Everything including the Fly-Notail split, the EG-OG Winner Bracket match and more.

While the results, of course, won't be a surprise to ardent Dota 2 fans who watched the live broadcast and know how it all turns out. The interviews, the players’ perspectives, and backstage footage provide a fresh and captivating perspective for the viewers.

It features N0tail-Fly’s complete journey into Dota 2

While most of us knew that Fly and N0tail were two of the closest friends in the Dota 2 scene, we didn’t really have any insights into how deep that friendship really was.

The movie follows both players throughout their career in Dota 2, including every single TI that the two have competed in, coupled with insights from famous casters and analysts including ODPixel, Sheever and Capitalist.

It details what exactly went behind the scenes when both players failed at TI5, TI6 and TI7 breaking down how it affected the relationship between the duo. It also is the first piece of content that gives us a deeper look at how exactly the split between Fly and n0tail happened and the circumstances leading to it.

N0tail opens up about how it affected him and we can really see how it affected the Danish star.

A deeper look at the ideology and the ethos of OG

It should be noted that the split and OG’s run through TI8 are not the only parts covered in the film. The film showcases every single player in OG including segments on old OG players like Miracle, Moonmeander and Cr1t, as well as, newer faces like ana, Topson and Jerax.

Ceb’s story, in fact, is one of the most enthralling parts of the documentary. His journey from taking a shot in the dark, by joining OG as a coach and then eventually becoming a TI winner is heartwarming and mesmerizes viewers and fans with its emotion.

If you love OG or Dota 2 in general, this is an excellent documentary showing us the events leading to OG winning TI8. It is equally enjoyable, however, if you've never watched a professional game before. 

Against All Odds is a documentary that everyone can understand and appreciate. It is a passionate, underdog tale that is a ‘Must Watch’ feature for every single esports fan.

You can watch the documentary here:


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