CS:GO Community Reacts to Valorant Content Creator Liquid Jonas Imitating Pimp

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Apr/2021 04:52 pm

Popular Valorant content creator AverageJonas mimics Danish analyst Pimp and the CS:GO community loves it.
Multiple professional players, organizations, and Pimp's fellow talents also react to the brilliant mimicry.
Pimp in his response suggested that he would also be trying something similar with Jonas being on the receiving end.

Popular Valorant content creator Jonas "AverageJonas" Narvarsete who is known for his creative and ingenious ‘Shock Bolt’ and ‘Recon Bolt’ lineups, recently showcased his amazing mimicry skills by imitating the knowledgeable CS:GO analyst Jacob "Pimp" Winneche. His impersonation of the Danish talent who was recently signed as a content creator by Nordavind was on point. Not only did he get Pimp’s speech figured out, but also got a hang of his body language while describing the entire scenario. The CS:GO community including professional players, organizations, and other fellow talents came forward to present their views on the not so average mimicry by ‘AverageJonas’.

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CS:GO community reacts to AverageJonas imitating Pimp

Former Counter-Strike player Pimp who has turned into an expert CS:GO analyst, streams a lot on Twitch in his free time. The Dane mostly plays competitive matchmaking during his stream, but also teaches a lot about the game to his viewers, while occasionally commentating on his own live gameplay.

Recently, popular Valorant content creator AverageJonas who has been signed with Team Liquid was seen imitating the Dane, and it was nothing short of absolutely brilliant. Multiple CS:GO players, organizations, and Pimp’s fellow talents had a lot to say about this, as they came forward with their own opinions and comments.

BLAST came forward to declare that the analysis done by AverageJonas was spot on, an opinion that Betway Esports resonated with completely. Team Liquid jumped in as well to commend their content creator’s “insanely good” impersonation, quite surprised to have found what the real-life Sova was capable of.

Some of the other talents from around the esports scene like Eefje Depoortere, Lauren Scott, and Mohan "launders" Govindasamy, also came forward to appreciate the Sova main for his on-point mimicry. 

But the best reaction was that of Pimp himself who had a hearty laugh followed by a sarcastic question towards his Danish accent, asking Jonas how he could “sound German all of a sudden”. But the highlight was him saying that the “Impression War” had begun which means that we may soon get to see Pimp trying to imitate AverageJonas himself.

The CS:GO users who came across this were just pleased to see the influence that pimp has had across the gaming content creation community. They had a good laugh, appreciated the Liquid creator for his mimicry skills, and prompted Pimp to come back with an impersonation from his side as well.

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