CS:GO Skin Designer Creates Unique AK-47 Skin Featuring a New Weapon Finish

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Apr/2021 03:55 pm

CS:GO skin designer creates a new weapon finish called 'True Metal Flake Finish' and builds an AK-47 skin based on it.
As per the creator of the skin "This weapon features a true metal flake finish; never before achieved on any other weapon."
The community had nothing but praise and applause for the 'Cosmic AK-47' weapon skin.

The ‘Steam Community Workshop’ is filled with so many CS:GO weapon skins that despite being a niche, it has started to reach a saturation level. With Valve rolling out only a handful of skins each year as official items for CS:GO, many highly appreciated and awarded skins by the community still continue to remain unnoticed. But a recent AK-47 skin submission by ‘u/ferrema’ called ‘Cosmic AK-47’ seems to have elevated the competition to a whole new level. Introducing a new CS:GO weapon finish that has “never before (been) achieved on any other weapon”. If this does not excite Valve, it is tough to say what will.

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Skin Designer Creates New CS:GO Weapon Finish: Cosmic AK-47

The CS:GO community has gone gaga over the beautiful and pristine ‘Cosmic AK-47’ skin which is based on a new weapon finish called ‘True Metal Flake Finish’, according to its creator ‘Matthew Ferreira’. The day-old skin has already received a lot of praise and critical acclaim from various other creators as well, with many discussing the possibility of Valve officially adding it to the game.

Ferreira claims that such a weapon finish has never been featured before on any other CS:GO skin and is basically a one of a kind. In all honesty, the ‘Cosmic AK-47’ does look premium and really well polished with a two-tone colour palette, Violet and White. The violet part has been embellished with a grainy effect with minimal white patterns, while the white part is covered in purple texture, giving the weapon skin a minimalistic appearance while looking fresh.

The violet coloured part of the gun gives off a cosmic effect when the player moves around with the gun, as the colour appears to be dark and light in different places. The grainy effect enhances this further by acting as stars or space dust. While one part of the weapon gives a space-themed vibe, the white coloured traces grounds the whole design really well. Making the elegant skin stand out.

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One of the only concerns apart from its pricing if Valve ever makes it an official CS:GO skin is its effect on a users system. A point that was raised by many users and was a consistent focus of discussion. But keeping that aside, the skin gathered nothing but praise and has been beautifully crafted by the user.


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