DreamHack Winter 2013 Major Winner Returns to CS:GO After 2 Years

Aditya Singh Rawat
23/Feb/2021 09:25 pm

DreamHack Winter 2013 CS:GO Major winner znajder returned to competitive Counter-Strike after more than 2 years.
He is currently playing for a team called Lemondogs along with veteran Swedish CS:GO players MODDII and Twist.
Lemondogs have already managed to win their inaugural match against NIP's academy CS:GO roster 'Ninjas Young'.

The DreamHack Winter 2013 Major winner Andreas "znajder" Lindberg is returning to competitive CS:GO once again after 2 years. The 27-year-old Swede was part of Fnatic’s 2013 roster that won the inaugural CS:GO Major, and continued to be part of that roster up until June 2014. From there on out znajder could never really return to the top level of Counter-Strike, switching teams every few months, not able to find a permanent team. He played his final game in April 2019 along with the Swedish lineup of GODSENT, competing in the qualifier of the Copenhagen Games where they claimed the 5th-8th position.

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Swedish Major winner returns to CS:GO after 2 years

Swedish support rifler znajder is returning to competitive CS:GO after a break of almost 2 years. The 27-year-old is part of a Swedish Counter-Strike team called ‘Lemondogs’ along with other veteran players like Simon "⁠twist⁠" Eliasson and Andreas "⁠MODDII⁠" Fridh. 

The complete roster which is participating in the currently ongoing Svenska Elitserien Spring 2021: Regular Season is as follows,

  • Andreas "znajder" Lindberg
  • Simon "⁠twist⁠" Eliasson
  • Andreas "⁠MODDII⁠" Fridh
  • Jerry "⁠xelos⁠" Råberg
  • Jonas "⁠hemzk9⁠" Rantamäki

While znajder is coming out of a long break having played his last professional CS:GO match in April 2019, the 31-year-old Swedish in-game-leader MODDII is also registering his presence at a proper tournament after more than a year. Twist has joined the team as well just 2 weeks after being benched by Ninjas In Pyjamas, bolstering the Lemondogs lineup who mostly compete in smaller CS:GO regional tournaments.

Both xelos and hemzk9 are a part of the old trio that have been kept by the organization while their third partner Sebastian “kaktus” Leijen departs. All 3 of them had joined the Swedish roster last year in September.

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Together the Swedish lineup has already managed to win their opening match of the Svenska Elitserien Spring 2021: Regular Season, as they successfully defeated Ninjas In Pyjamas’ academy CS:GO roster ‘Young Ninjas’ by a ‘16-13’ score on Train.

Their next match is scheduled for tomorrow against another Swedish team called PAPERPLANES, while they also prepare for the debut at the next Fragleague tournament. While it is great to see such veterans step back up and return to the circuit, it will be interesting to see what Lemondogs has in store going ahead.


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