“ViCi is the team we most want to play against” - Interview With Wings Up Gaming

Aditya Singh Rawat
22/Feb/2021 11:49 am

Wings Up Gaming are the winners of ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Festival 2020: East Asia.
Here is an interview with Wings Up Gaming where we talk about their performance in this tournament, discuss their future plans, and more.

The ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Festival 2020 came to an end last week with the Middle East regional tournament concluding on 14 Feb. The $6,000 USD Asia-Pacific tournament featured 5 separate regional events, one of which was dedicated to the East Asian region that observed an equal mix of Chinese and Mongolian CS:GO rosters. The Chinese organization Wings Up Gaming were the champions after defeating the Mongolian roster of The Black Company in the grand finals, walking away with 5 ZOWIE XL2546K monitors as the prize. 

We got an opportunity to engage with the East Asian champions who are currently on a break and were extremely pleased to start 2020 on a winning note. During our conversation, we spoke about their journey through the tournament, the challenges they faced, and what lies ahead for them in 2021.

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Interview With Wings Up Gaming

Q. How about a introduction about the team and its members?

Hello, everyone! We are Wings Up Gaming, and the meaning of our name is to ‘flutter and soar high’. Our team is led by former TYLOO member Hui "DD" Wu. The team members include Yi “GAS” Ding - a former member of the CS:GO branch of EDG and some of the most promising young players from China, Qi “lan” Liu, Junhao “ChildKing” Peng, and Zhengjie “MarT1n” Zhuo.

Q. How does it feel starting 2021 with a victory straight off the bat?

We are very happy to be able to win the first regional championship in the New Year. Before the eXTREMESLAND, we had lost two CS:GO tournaments which were important to us. This victory is considered to be a good start for our entire club in the New Year. As the Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon, we can all have a good time at home now.

Q. How would you guys describe your journey through the tournament?

Throughout the tournament, we did not do too well because the other teams are all old opponents and we were familiar with each other. In addition, we were not in our best state when participating in the tournament. But the five of us worked hard together and stuck to the end. This is the happiest experience for us.

Q. What was your best and worst player or team moment from the tournament?

All of us are top players in China. Specifically, the reading ability of DD and GAS which was much better than that of the three younger players. The most critical time was the second half of the final round, in the final map (Inferno) against The Black Company. DD's decisive command allowed the players to perform in their best state and achieve the final victory. This was our most critical moment.

Q. What was the level of competition in this tournament? What do you guys think about the Mongolian teams?

The competition of this tournament was still very high. What we did not expect was that there were 3 Mongolian teams in the semifinals, and we became the only Chinese team to make it through the opening round. Now the Mongolian CS:GO teams have made great progress, and we must double our efforts to improve ourselves.

Q. How important do you feel such regional tournaments are for the East Asia region?

Tournaments in the East Asian region are very important. Many tournaments have been suspended due to the epidemic. If the ping value allows, we are willing to participate in the tournaments held in East Asia.

Q. Apart from ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2020 what other big CS:GO tournaments are you guys participating in?

After eXTREMESLAND, we will have a holiday for a while, because we have caught up with the Chinese New Year. After the Spring Festival, we will start our preparations for the Minor.

Q. Which team was the toughest to beat this tournament and why?

It is Tiger because it is the strongest of all teams and our old opponent.

Q. What are your takeaways from this tournament?

When the score was similar, we were very happy to be able to read the game altogether, communicated effectively and finally won the game. This is also a good experience for us as a young team.

Q. Which Asian team are you guys most eager to face off against in 2021?

ViCi Gaming is the team we most want to play against.

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Q. Tell us a bit about the CS:GO scene in China both casual and competitive.

Now, China’s CSGO ecology is more leisurely. In recent years, due to the continuous introduction of a large number of tournaments on some live-streaming platforms, and some anchors make many young people pay attention to this game, this game has become popular. There are also many young people who want to enter the professional circle. So now there are a lot of great amateur players.

Q. How does it feel to be the East Asia regional champions and where does the team go from here on?

We appreciate eXTREMESLAND for inviting us to participate in this tournament. Winning the championship has allowed our team to make greater progress. In the coming year, we will continue to improve our strength, correct our mistakes, and make the team grow faster. Thank you all!

It was great having a chat with the Wings Up Gaming lineup who are the current East Asian champions for the 2020 season of ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND. This season of the annual APAC CS:GO tournament was very different from how it is regularly conducted, and teams are eagerly looking forward to the next season which might hopefully take place as a LAN event if the global health situation stabilizes.


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