GuardiaN Regrets Joining Na’Vi Right After Being Benched by FaZe

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Feb/2021 09:25 pm

GuardiaN reveals that his first regret in CS:GO is joining Na'Vi immediately after being benched by FaZe Clan.
He believes that the proper course of action should have been to take a short break from CS:GO after his time with FaZe Clan, only to return at the start of 2020.
GuardiaN has been absent from competitive CS:GO for more than a year now and is still on Natus Vincere's bench alongside Edward.

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs who is regarded as one of the best AWPers to have ever played the game, in a recent interview with Rivalry spoke about the first regret from his time competing in CS:GO. GuardiaN revealed that “The first regret I had, just not (a) long time ago was when I got benched in FaZe and I instantly took the offer from Na’Vi”. This particular transfer had taken place in Sept 2019 and was followed by a particularly rough time for GuardiaN. His performance was at an all-time low during his time with Na’Vi and it forced the organization to bench him in Jan 2020.

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GuardiaN regrets joining Na’Vi right after FaZe

GuardiaN has been absent from the forefront of competitive CS:GO for more than a year now. He did try to come back in Sept 2020 after making a public appeal as an attempt to catch someone’s eye, but no one has shown any interest in him so far.

Now, looking back at his career GuardiaN thinks that he made a bad decision joining Na’Vi immediately after FaZe Clan benched him. The transfer he is talking about took place in Sept 2019 when GuardiaN departed FaZe Clan after playing with them for more than two years. He was immediately signed by Na’Vi as a replacement for Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko who retired from competitive CS:GO. 

Unfortunately, GuardiaN failed to perform and was not even half as good as he was with FaZe. The fact that his arrival had taken the AWP away from s1mple frustrated the fans and supporters. Despite being given multiple chances to prove himself nothing positive materialized. Public backlash combined with a lack of motivation from GuardiaN’s side forced Na’Vi to bench him at the start of 2020, and he still remains there alongside Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev.

“I should have taken some break until the end of the year. Just take a break from CS, because the amount of travelling and events we had in FaZe was insane and I think I should have just sat out for a few months, before taking the next step at the beginning of the year.”

The immediate transfer definitely affected his performance as GuardiaN says that “I think I didn’t show what I could do and people think now I’m washed up or something like that. I think that’s wrong and that’s what I regret. I should have taken a break, recharge with new motivation and new goals before coming back. So yeah that’s something I regretted.”

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