Operation Broken Fang: Week 9,10,11,12 CS:GO Missions Leaked

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Jan/2021 10:15 am

Here are all the 'Operation Broken Fang' weekly CS:GO missions for week 9 to 12.
Weekly missions for week 8 are currently going on, while information for the next 4 weeks has now been leaked.
Names of all sixteen weekly missions have been revealed though information of only twelve are available at the moment.

The CS:GO community has been enjoying the currently ongoing ‘Operation Broken Fang’ for more than a month now. It has not been a completely smooth ride but with Valve pumping out a new set of weekly missions every seven days, the players have been kept busy grinding through them.

As these missions offer variable rewards every week, the players always have something to look forward to because these reward points can be used to purchase in-game items that were released along with the operation. Apart from this, completing these weekly missions helps the players inch towards upgrading their ‘Broken Fang Coin’ all the way up to the coveted ‘Diamond’ category.

With the 8th weekly mission currently going on here is a heads up on what the next four weeks might have in store for the players. Thanks to ‘u/BeepIsla’ we now have leaked information about all the CS:GO missions for weeks 9 to 12, starting from 26th Jan all the way up to 23rd Feb.

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Operation Broken Fang: Leaked CS:GO Weekly Missions


The week nine missions titled ‘Keep Your Eyes Open’ will take place from 26 Jan - 2 Feb, offering a total of 14 stars as rewards. The week offers a range of missions each a bit different from the other, getting a headshot with an AUG could be a bit frustrating for some while playing the heavily criticised ‘Broken Fang Premier’ CS:GO matchmaking can arguably be anguish for most.


Moving on to week ten, users will once again have a chance to gather a total of 14 stars between 2 Feb - 9 Feb. The mission set titled ‘Near Sighted’ offers two missions where players would be required to take kills within a range of 10 meters or less. Hope the math adds up correctly this time for the developers to avoid getting trolled by the CS:GO community.


The week eleven missions ‘One Track Mind’ scheduled to take place from 9 Feb - 16 Feb will have a total of 11 stars as rewards. Three of the four missions will be taking place on ‘Train’, yet none of them can be completed simultaneously as they will be taking place on different game modes.


Week twelve missions ‘Delirium’ will take place from 16 Feb - 23 Feb, once again offering a total of 14 stars as rewards. Players will be required to play ‘Broken Fang Premier’ CS:GO matchmaking to win a certain number of rounds while also killing a few innocent chickens.

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So far all leaks that we have obtained through ‘u/BeepIsla’ have been accurate down to the last digit. With this being the third set of weekly missions leak, information on weekly missions 13,14,15,16 is all that remains before ‘Operation Broken Fang’ comes to an end on March 9.

According to the user, all the information is already present within game files but is hidden from the user. Valve has done this to avoid weekly updates as a new set of missions can automatically be updated each week locally. We might not know the missions for the last four weeks but have obtained information about the mission titles. The information about the exact missions they hold within will mostly be revealed in a few weeks time.

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