SPUNJ Wins Esports Awards 2020, Michau & Steve Share an Award

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Nov/2020 01:14 pm

SPUNJ wins the award for esports analyst of the year.
Both Steve and Michau win the panel's choice award.
Richard Lewis gets inducted in the 'Esports Lifetime Achievement Class of 2020'.

Australian CS:GO caster and analyst Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill won the award for ‘Esports Analyst of the Year’ at Esports Awards 2020. The entire CS:GO community celebrated this win as SPUNJ has done a fantastic job this year, despite the Counter-Strike circuit shifting online the 31-year-old has gone on to work in a total of 18 tournaments delivering his best to keep the viewers entertained.

Apart from SPUNJ some other members of the CS:GO community that won an award were Steve Dudenhoeffer and Michal “michau” Slowinski who shared the ‘Panel’s Choice Award’ for putting in countless hours to preserve the integrity of professional Counter-Strike as they continue to work tirelessly along with ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) in the currently ongoing investigation into the ‘Coach Spectator Bug Exploit’.

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Esports Awards 2020: SPUNJ Wins Esports Analyst Of The Year

The 31-year-old Australian who is also a former CS:GO player worked in a total of 18 tournaments this year of which he commentated in 13 of them while working as an analyst in the remaining 5. 

He was present in some of the most important tournaments this year like IEM Katowice 2020, ESL Pro League Season 11, ESL One Cologne 2020, and ESL Pro League Season 12. Sharing the desk with multiple personalities like Alex “Machine“ Richardson, Lauren “Pansy” Scott, Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez, Duncan “Thorin” Shields, and many other notable talents.

SPUNJ accepted his award with a short speech where he thanked everyone for making this possible and then in a truly Australian way performed a shoey followed by a shower straight after.

Michau And Steve Bag The Panel’s Choice Award

This was something the entire CS:GO community was really proud about as the duo truly deserved this one for the fantastic work that they did to preserve the integrity of the sport. The ‘Coach Spectator Bug Scandal’ is the biggest thing to hit professional Counter-Strike in recent time but as the ESIC investigation in the matter continues the coaches who abused this exploit are being dealt with proper punishments.

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Apart from the three, British esports journalist Richard Lewis was also inducted into the 'Esports Lifetime Achievement Class of 2020' along with a few other personalities and players. The Award show continues today as the winners of the final few titles will be announced later tonight.


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