Zeus Hints at Possible Return to CS:GO as a Coach

Aditya Singh Rawat
19/Nov/2020 04:07 pm

Zeus in a recent interview dropped hints about his possible return to CS:GO as a coach.
He will comeback as a coach only after the end of the online era.
Zeus explains what it takes to be a coach according to him.

Former Na’Vi in-game leader Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko who retired from competitive Counter-Strike in September last year has dropped a few hints about his possible return to the competitive circuit this time as a coach. In a recent interview with Parimatch esports Zeus among a lot of other things spoke about his possible return as a coach stating that “If the moment is right, why not?”

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Zeus Might Return To CS:GO As A Coach

Zeus when asked if he would ever be seen participating in a CS:GO tournament again perhaps as a coach the 33-year-old Ukrainian responded by explaining how the current online scene is not too great so he might be returning at a later time possibly when the competition once again returns to LAN.

“I have lived this game for 20 years and so I understand it as a coach on top of this I like to win. We entered a pandemic this year so maybe next year. It would not be fun in this online era as stadiums are needed, the necessary emotions are required, but its online so I just don’t really want to return now, so maybe later.”

Following this he went on to state that for him to return as a coach he would need to find the necessary motivation equivalent to that of a full time job because “A coach is similar to a player, he also needs to put in 10-12 hours of work and sometimes even more. The only difference is he is no longer a player who just needs to sit and shoot”

Having said that Zeus explained that for being a coach one needs to have that motivation, no unnecessary distractions of any kind, and he cannot just act like a boss but has to take care of the players. He concludes by stating that if all the above condition align and such a moment comes his way then “why not?”

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Zeus is one of the most respected players from the CIS region and a legendary player in his own right. Despite being kicked from Na’Vi back in October 2016 the Ukrainian went on to win a Major along with Gambit Esports following which he was once again approached by the Ukrainian organization with whom he went on to play for more than 2 years before hanging up his boots.


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