Looking Back at Bl4ze’s Perfect Run at the TEC CSGO Pro League

Shounak Sengupta
5/Nov/2020 11:39 am

Bl4ze Esports claimed victory at the TEC CSGO Pro League.
The team took a calculated approach throughout the league phase to chart a winning path.

The recently concluded Dell Gaming TEC CSGO Pro League Season 1 saw Bl4ze Esports claim victory after 6 intense days of action. The team were in the highest tier of the competition and went unbeaten across seven games to mark a perfect run as champions. With many big names and heavy hitters switching over to Valorant, the tournament was also a platform for new names and up and coming stars to show just what they are capable of. 

A Perfect Run from Bl4ze Esports

Bl4ze Esports went undefeated to finish the tournament with 7 wins and 21 points to their name. The team is currently the most experienced side in the subcontinent and showed off their tactical and methodical approach. Bl4ze’s run was marked with a solid approach to map picks and using their strengths correctly. The team relied heavily on tactical maps like Overpass and Nuke where experience,  economy management and map knowledge are more telling factors that individual fragging and flashy picks. In fact, of the 6 maps they played(1 was a forfeit win), 3 were on Overpass, 2 on Nuke and 1 was on Vertigo. 

While Marzil maybe the side’s veteran player, Raph and Rossi chipped in heavily in the frags department and helped their team’s cause in the league stage. Overall, the team took a very calm and calculated approach to much of the league stage except a 16-2 beat down against a less experienced Bhaitard Gaming. 

TEC CSGO Pro League S1 TableImage via The Esports Club

The Indian Meta

The meta in the subcontinent was interesting to say the least and vastly different from what is generally observed in the international stage. Dust2 which is fondly referred to as the national map was unsurprisingly the most played map in the league, being featured 11 times in 28 games. Train was the only map which was unpicked during the league and has never been a popular map in the region. Inferno, a map which is often described as one of the most even-sided maps, also received no love from the Indian teams with just 1 game being played on it. 

Divisions 2 and 3 

Elsewhere in the lower divisions, Karasuno won Division 2 and will qualify for Division 1 along with VAC Banned and Fit for Esports. In Division 3, 2EZ claimed top spot and moved onto division 2 along with TN Esports and XOD Gaming. With only 3 spots open for season 2, the qualifiers for the Dell Gaming TEC Pro League are already underway and will conclude on November 8.  After that, the second season of the Pro League will kick off with teams once again locking horns to prove that they are the best in the region. 


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