SPUNJ Calls Out Nadeshot For Not Watching 100 Thieves Last CS Match

Aditya Singh Rawat
19/Oct/2020 09:54 am

SPUNJ calls out Nadeshot for not watching 100 Thieves' CS:GO team play their final match.
Nadeshot was simultaneously watching his team play and streaming 'Black Ops Cold War'.
100 Thieves has officially pulled out of CS:GO for the second time in its history.

100 Thieves were fighting against FURIA in the grand finals of IEM New York 2020 which was their last match under the North American organization who announced last week that they will be pulling out of CS:GO due to a multitude of reasons. While the series in itself was exciting Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill was a bit upset about the fact that 100 Thieves’ Founder and CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag was himself missing out on all the action as he went on to call him out for the same.

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SPUNJ Calls Out Nadeshot

SPUNJ called out Nadeshot yesterday for not watching the final match of his CS:GO team and rather play the new Call of Duty game ‘Black Ops Cold War’. The match was not just their final ever game under the 100 Thieves banner but also the grand finale of IEM New York 2020 - North America where they were up against the Brazilian squad of FURIA.

Though Nadeshot himself did not respond to the Tweet a lot of users came forth with Twitch clips that showed him informing his viewers that he would not be talking to the chat a lot as he was watching the CS:GO match on his second monitor. 

Nadeshot even went forth and re-streamed the ESL broadcast on his channel after the 'Black Ops Cold War' crashed the first time, watching the match along with his 13,000 viewers. But soon he was informed that re-streaming the official broadcast is against ESL's guidelines and so he stopped it, returning to playing the new Call of Duty game while continuing to watch 100 Thieves' play on the side.

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The CS:GO community was however not too thrilled about all of this as some of them made a comment that it was only for the best that 100 Thieves were pulling out of CS:GO as they never paid them much attention. A few others cracked the classic merchandise related joke saying that "He’s been so busy planning their latest merch drop. How could he possibly have time to watch his teams play."

100 Thieves recently assembled a VALORANT lineup and moving ahead the organization seems to be keener on investing its time on the new shooting title. This is the second time in the organization’s history that they have stepped down from CS:GO with Nadeshot saying that if in the future they find a good opportunity to come back they will gladly do so with a new lineup.


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