Pronax Talks About Having No Money, Worse Deal Ever Signed, Lying Mother and More

Aditya Singh Rawat
27/Aug/2020 10:41 am
  • Pronax reveals more information related to the ongoing incident.
  • He talks about the horrible deal signed by him during GODSENT's merger with The Final Tribe.
  • The Swede also claimed that his own mother lied and sent him to the mental hospital 1.5 years ago.

Former Fnatic legend Markus "pronax" Wallsten has come forward to reveal some more information about the ongoing situation between him and his colleagues. Through a number of tweets posted by the player himself, it has become clear that the matter is quite complicated and that it is not something recent. Pronax spoke at length about his current situation, the worst decision of his life, and also claims to have proof against his own mother who he believes lied to him 1.5 years ago to send him to a mental hospital.

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Pronax Current Situation

While answering some questions put forth by a few users the player straight up said that “I think it would be easier if they sued me because then everything will have to get out anyway.” 

Pronax said this because he is currently broke, the player had previously stated that he has no money to hire a lawyer and yesterday the Swede went on to reveal that he has had a salary of just $500 a month ever since GODSENT’s merger with ‘The Final Tribe’ which happened in September last year.

Following these claims, pronax said he was still ready to play it nice and this is why he has deleted some of his previous tweets upon being requested, but gave a stern warning that it was not over yet. He believes that it has not been the investors that are trying to exclude him, but since he is not on the board nothing can be said for sure.

Pronax Worst Mistake

Upon hearing about his salary the surprised users asked pronax why did he sign that deal, but the 24-year-old did not deliver an answer instead he said that “I’m not going to tweet more now, but when the full story comes out people will understand why I signed that deal.”

Pronax labelled this particular deal as the “Worst mistake of his life” and further said that at the time of signing the deal his mental condition was not 100%. He further claimed that despite the conditions of merger stating that he would get a seat on the board he never got it.

As stated by the player before he had been demanding a seat on the board and it was about to be given to him today on the 27th, but then the incident involving him being forced to spend a night in a mental hospital occurred for which pronax blamed his colleagues.

Pronax Talks About His Mother

In a bizarre tweet, pronax also revealed some stuff about his relationship with his own mother. Though the tweet is now deleted this is what it said exactly according to a ‘twitterInfo_bot’ who transcribed the whole tweet as it is.

Though no proof was attached this is a pretty serious claim and shines light upon the fact that pronax did not have a particularly healthy relationship with her as he himself says that “I have tried to get away from her ever since.” 

No other family member was mentioned in that tweet and hence it is not known how his relationship with other relatives might be like, but this raises a question on the authenticity of the statement made by CEO and Co-founder of GODSENT Henrik Denebrandt a few days back where he informed everyone that pronax had been relieved of all his duties in GODSENT temporarily and said that “The family has approved this short statement and asks for privacy.”

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The matter in its entirety is still not at all clear, pronax in his final tweet yesterday said that a board meeting is taking place on 1st September. So, let’s see what the outcome turns out to be.


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