Court Rejects Jamppi’s Demand to Lift VAC Ban Till Lawsuit Ends, Other Issues Under Review

Aditya Singh Rawat
25/Aug/2020 12:28 pm
  • The district court has rejected Jamppi's application of precautionary measures.
  • This means that the VAC ban will remain as it is without Valve requiring to pay any penalty.
  • The court will now review issue pertaining to jurisdiction and if Valve GmbH is right company to handle this or not.

A few days back Valve GmbH in its second response to Finnish CS:GO player Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen had opposed the application of precautionary measures demanded by the player, which stated that the VAC ban imposed upon him be lifted until the ongoing lawsuit was settled. The District Court of Eastern Uusimaa (Southwest region of Finland) after hearing out both the sides has rejected Jamppi’s application for precautionary measures, as the decision on both the jurisdiction issue and if Valve GmbH is even the right company that should handle this case continues to be resolved.

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Court Rejects Jamppi’s Demand To Lift VAC Ban Temporarily

Though the district court has rejected Jammpi’s application for precautionary measure the player does not intend to appeal against this decision, which means that the VAC ban imposed against the player will remain for the duration of the lawsuit and Valve GmbH will not even have to pay the fine of €100,000 as a penalty.

Jamppi’s lawyer Hannu Kalkas in a statement to Ilta-Sanomat said that “It is not worth appealing about the matter until the district court gives its decision on the actual case.”

The district court’s decision to deny Jamppi’s sudden request to seek legal protection might be a small victory for Valve GmbH who firmly opposed this application, based on the fact that Jamppi wanting to file it in July after they had already responded once back in May, clearly showed that it was something which was not urgent.

Court To Review Jurisdiction Issue

Following this verdict, the district court now has to review whether it has the legal power to proceed with the lawsuit between Jamppi and Valve GmbH. The jurisdiction issue became a point of contention when Valve in its initial response claimed that Jammpi’s side had sued the wrong company, instead of filing the case against Valve Corporation they sued its daughter company Valve GmbH which is based in Germany.

“It is not a consumer contract matter, the plaintiff (Jamppi) is not a consumer and Valve GmbH does not engage in commercial or business activities in Finland.”

Along with the jurisdictional problems, another issue which is being reviewed is whether Valve GmbH is even the right company to handle the lawsuit.

Kalkas once again commenting on the issue said that he does not want to estimate how long it might take the district court to come to a decision as there are many factors in play, “Hopefully not for long. However, these are sometimes regrettably long.”

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If the application of precautionary measures would have been passed by the district court it would have meant that Jamppi could have represented ENCE at the Major qualifiers and even the Major itself, if the lawsuit would have extended till then.

Though there is no fixed timeline given by the district court let’s see what decision do they arrive at when it comes to the above-mentioned problems currently being reviewed.

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