Rise of Legion India 2020 - Grand Finals Preview: Reckoning Vs Global Esports

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Aug/2020 10:12 am

The Rise of Legion India 2020 CS:GO tournament featuring a total prizepool of INR 3,50,000 ($4664.15) which started early last month has finally reached the grand finals stage, which is all set to take place on 6th August between Reckoning Esports and Global Esports - two of India’s finest CS:GO teams.

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Journey To The Grand Finals

Reckoning Esports

Reckoning Esports has had a great run on its way to the grand finals. They have fought valiantly not dropping a single map yet in the competition. Their journey started by playing through five rounds of single-elimination matches to make their way into the playoffs where they faced Team Resistance, Wasted Potential, BL4ZE, BZKG, and Team IND.

Almost all these matchups were clean and simple wins for the Reckoning Esports lineup except for their encounter with BL4ZE which is one of the top teams of the region. The two teams had a really close game which went down to the wire but Reckoning fought hard to finally come out on top with the scoreboard reading ‘16-14’.

In the playoffs, it was once again smooth sailing for them as they took wins off teams like Force Crew and Underdogs without breaking a sweat. This could be attributed to the fact that both the teams they were up against were considerably less experienced, allowing Reckoning to make quick work of them to grab the first vacant slot in the grand finals.

Global Esports

One of the most experienced teams in the competition Global Esports certainly lived up to the expectations by reaching the grand finals. The fact that they had a beast of a player like Debanjan “DEATHMAKER” Das on their side only made their journey easier.

Similar to Reckoning, even Global Esports had quite an easy time making their way through the initial phase of the tournament. They beat five teams in consecutive do-or-die matchups facing very little resistance apart from their match against 2EZ Gaming.

Once into the playoffs, the journey ahead hit rough waters as they faced tough competition in both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals against Level 0 Gaming and Phoenix Esports respectively. The two teams gave it their best and though they did put up a good fight, Global Esports was barely scathed as they made it to the grand finals without dropping a single map.

Grand Finals: Preview - Reckoning Esports vs Global Esports

The grand final which is all set to take place on 6th August at 17:00 PM (IST) will be quite the faceoff, as two teams who have not lost even a single map till now will be going up against each other. This means that either one or both the teams might lose out on their streak as it is bound to be a five-game affair.

The lineup for the two teams are as follows,

Global Esports
Reckoning Esports
Bhavin “HellrangeR” Kotwani
Saaransh “Whimp” Dang
Sagnik “hellff” Roy
Piyush “clouda” Kalwania
Norbu “Karam1L” Tsering
Sameer “vexy” Sharma
Debanjan “DEATHMAKER” Das
Jit “tryst.” Dutta
Mohit “SpawN” Wakle
Kenan “Betray” Patel

Lenovo under the Rise of Legion tournament series has hosted various gaming tournaments for South Asian and Southeast Asian countries across multiple titles like PUBG, Dota 2, CS:GO, and many others. Let’s see how the grand finals go down in two days time. 

Everyone excited for the match can view it live on ‘The Esports Club’ YouTube Channel. The action starts 17:00 hrs (IST) tomorrow evening.

Disclaimer: Lenovo is a client of AFK Gaming.


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