GeT_RiGhT Reveals That He Has COVID-19 Antibodies

Aditya Singh Rawat
4/Jul/2020 07:45 pm
  • GeT_RiGhT reveals that he has COVID-19 antibodies and that he has finally been cleared to visit his parents.
  • He also revealed his test result saying that "I have IgG (Immunoglobulin G) according to the answer here."
  • Multiple users were off the opinion that there were still some chances of GeT_RiGhT having the virus.  

Swedish CS:GO pro Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund has revealed that he will finally be able to meet his parents as he now has antibodies for COVID-19. This is a huge revelation from the player who further revealed that he had been sick for quite some time but recovered fairly quickly.

GeT_RiGhT Reveals Having COVID-19 Symptoms

Following his initial announcement that he has COVID-19 antibodies, GeT_RiGhT went on to reveal that after returning back from the USA where he had been playing in FLASHPOINT Season 1, he had shown all the symptoms related to the virus.

The Swede says that he recovered relatively quickly and that he had never been so sick in his life. Having contracted the virus and even after recovering, GeT_RiGhT continued to stay inside his apartment for 1.5 months so as not to risk spreading it to others.

Users were quick to comment on GeT_RiGhT’s tweet, congratulating him and wishing him the best for the future. But while answering some of their queries a lot more information was revealed by the Counter-Strike veteran.

While answering a user’s query GeT_RiGhT said that “I have IgG (Immunoglobulin G) according to the answer here, but they could not tell if I have short-term protection or long.” This basically proves that GeT_RiGhT had definitely contracted COVID-19 and may or may not have completely recovered from it.

A lot of users were witnessed warning the 30-year-old that he might not have recovered completely and might still be carrying around a strain of the virus. They gave several recommendations to GeT_RiGhT so as not to spread it to others and to still remain cautious about his health.

The player took every bit of suggestion seriously as he was visibly quite excited to reunite with his parents again. While also mentioning that he would not be getting back to the grind just yet as he still has some issue with his arm.

The most surprising thing about all of this is that GeT_RiGhT barely took any break to recover from the virus. He played with Dignitas on 5th April at FLASHPOINT Season 1, after getting eliminated from the league on that day there was an 11-day break before he was seen playing again, this time in the European open qualifier for DreamHack Masters Spring 2020.

He continued playing for Dignitas in all the events following DH Masters Spring without missing any of them while fighting against the virus. He wasn’t even asymptomatic as mentioned by him earlier as to how sick he had gotten, playing in tournaments in such a condition really requires great mental fortitude and dedication.

Hope that GeT_RiGhT has recovered from COVID-19 and that he goes on to enjoy with his parents without any further problems. It will be quite sometime before we get to see Dignitas in action again as the team failed to qualify for the ongoing cs_summit 6 Online: Europe.


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