War Owl Suggests ‘Mutations’ Could be a Fun New Game Mode for CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Jun/2020 10:14 am
  • Popular YouTuber War Owl points out that 'Mutations' game mode could be a fun addition to CS:GO.
  • This suggestion comes amidst news of a possible new game mode coming to CS:GO.
  • Leaks suggest that official retake servers could soon be making their way into matchmaking.

CS:GO has undergone a fair bit of changes in the last few weeks during which multiple optional settings have been introduced to the game. These updates have proven to be a treasure trove for data miners who have found a lot of interesting things not mentioned in the update logs like a possible upcoming retake game mode. But popular YouTuber War Owl suggests that ‘Mutations’ could be a new fun game mode for CS:GO.

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War Owl Suggests 'Mutations' as New Game Mode

In a recent Tweet made by War Owl, he goes on to discuss the possibility of the game mode ‘Mutations’ originally from the game Left 4 Dead 2 to be implemented for CS:GO. He says that “CS:GO could totally do that as a new game mode.” 

According to War Owl ‘Mutations’ would follow the original game mode itself offering multiple new crazy set of rules being applied every week. Then after a few weeks of trying out different rules, the ones which get positive feedback from the community and are fun to play will be the ones that would be brought back.

War Owl explaining how the 'Mutations' game mode worksWar Owl explaining 'Mutations' game mode

This is exactly similar to how the game mode worked for another Valve owned game called Left 4 Dead 2 where ‘Mutations’ was considered to be a “Special game mode that was initially available for one week each before being retired and replaced by a new Mutation each week.”

How the 'Mutations' game mode works in Left 4 Dead 2Mutations game mode in Left 4 Dead 2

The suggestion from War Owl comes amidst evidence suggesting that official retake servers could soon be making their way into official matchmaking. This evidence was originally submitted by u/Forest_Technicality on Reddit where he shared multiple photos of renovated Mirage and Inferno sites.

Based on the images it looked as if the sites were specifically being made for a retake game mode complete with 1v1 arenas for warmup before a match. But Mirage and Inferno were the only two modified maps that the user could find and though the evidence was substantial it wasn’t enough, as nothing can ever be a certainty when it comes to Valve.

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Users on both Reddit and Twitter were quick to jump to conclusions, some dismissing the idea completely while the majority added on to it by requesting various interesting scenarios like low gravity situation, infinite ammo heavy machine gun, 25 HP games, and other such ridiculous variations.

Though nothing can be said with utmost certainty I personally like War Owl’s idea of introducing ‘Mutations’ instead of getting a retake game mode. It should be enough to partially drown the sorrows of not getting the Source 2 port after having been lied to so many times.


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