Valve Rolls Out a Fix for Both Smoke Bug and Wallhack Issue

Aditya Singh Rawat
18/Jun/2020 03:30 pm
  • Valve has managed to fix both the smoke bug and the wallhack issue in a week's time.
  • The update also claims to have fixed the random game crashes which have been a growing pain within the community. 

The big 10th June update from Valve introduced a great way to counter visibility issues plaguing the game by launching something called ‘Boost Player Contrast’, but along with it came multiple problems like the smoke bug and the wallhack issue which started affecting the game negatively.

Both these problems together caused the game to face two major issues at the same time which Valve has finally managed to fix after a week through a patch released earlier today. The small update seems to have fixed both the smoke bug and the wallhack issue with the update log reading as follows,

  • Fixed some rendering artifacts related to boosted player contrast on players inside or near smoke grenade volumes.

  • Fixed bombsite target on ‘B-Site’ (Nuke) starting its fade early.

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Smoke Bug

The smoke bug was initially found by the popular CS:GO personality Haci (@DonHaci). The user had shared a short clip of him spotting an enemy player through smoke on Inferno, which was soon followed by other similar instances being shared by players in the comment section of the Hace’s post.

Enemy player outline can be seen through the smokeThe smoke bug causing an enemy to be spotted

Players could not spot the enemy clear as day but the smoke bug did allow them to see a slight silhouette of certain players. As suspected at the time the bug was a result of the boost player contrast setting which has now been fixed by Valve.

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Wallhack Issue

This problem was not exactly a bug but was rather a wallhack issue which was only limited to the ‘B-Site’ of Nuke. The issue was originally reported by a Reddit user TimSchumi who shared a small clip where the opponent standing behind the reactor model could be spotted through the structure.

A vague outline of the character was faintly visible if the player focussed on the area for a couple of seconds. Though the issue was hard to recreate and no one had a perfect idea as to what was causing it the general consensus was that the wallhack issue was a direct result of the boost player contrast. 

As explained by another user the setting added a ‘halo effect’ around the character when the game assumed that the observer had seen more than 50% of the enemy model.

User explains the reason behind the wallhack issueUser explaining the reason behind the wallhack issue

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Apart from resolving both the smoke bug and the wallhack issue, Valve also claims to have solved the growing problem of random crashes that had started to become quite a nuisance for a lot of players.

Though Valve did not share as to what was causing these crashes or what the exact fix was, the community reports that these random crashes are still taking place. Let’s wait and see if another fix might be required or not.


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