All 10 Pro Players Survive a Crucial Round in a Match Between BIG and FaZe

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Jun/2020 09:00 pm

How often have you come across a CS:GO match in which all the players on the server remain alive at the end of the round despite clashing against each other? Well, such an astounding feat was recently achieved by the players of BIG and FaZe in their upper bracket faceoff at the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe.

Facing off against each other on Nuke, the first half of the map was closely fought by the two teams which came to an end with BIG gaining a round’s advantage. But FaZe was quickly able to equalise the score in the second half, following which a tactical dance of evasion took place between the two teams.

The 17th round of the match observed zero deaths as both the teams managed to clear the round without any losses. Surely, a few players took quite a bit off damage but all the10 players successfully avoided death as FaZe took the lead after BIG ignored the plant and went for a save instead.

Despite taking a lead it was sadly the last round that went in favour of FaZe, as BIG won the next eight rounds in a row to take the map ‘16-9’. This was followed by another swift victory for the German organization on Inferno, where they won by a score of ‘16-5’ to secure the series.

Following this victory, BIG proceeded onto the upper bracket finals to faceoff against G2 Esports while FaZe Clan fall down to the lower bracket to square off against Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

Personally I was quite surprised to see such a defensive approach being taken by BIG towards the end despite an impactful opening in that round, and while I seriously doubted BIG’s decision to save that round instead of going aggressive and seeking a kill or two, it turned out to be the perfect decision for them.


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