CS:GO User Beautifully Renovates the Apartment on Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Jun/2020 09:56 am

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: u/Heindl

Counter-Strike being around for more than a decade has created a huge community around itself, this community consists of all sorts of people like analysts, YouTubers, memers, artists, etc. Quite often they recreate a part of a map using other game engines or modify the existing maps taking full artistic liberty to create something unique and special.

Recently one such CS:GO player who goes by the username of Heindl on Reddit, recreated a part of Mirage which all of us have visited more than a hundred times and if we stop to think for a second it could be considered 'trespassing' as shown by the user below.

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In the clip, we can witness a recreated ‘B Apartments’ on Mirage. The user takes us on a tour of the small flat, where he/she has recreated everything from the kitchen to the living room, bedroom and even the balcony that leads down to the ‘B-Site’.

The user turns a simple showcasing of a recreated piece of art into a sort of parody, first showing us a notice on a wall that reads ‘No Trespassing. No Graffitis. No Explosives.’ and then breaking all the three rules one after the other while giving us a glimpse of the renovated flat.

It was a great recreation of how the place would have looked like outside of the realm of the game, the user certainly put in a lot of effort which is quite visible in the clip. The cheeky addition of an AWP in the bedroom was a great touch to the whole concept.

Many of the users also appreciated the artwork including G2 Esports!

I would personally like to see some more recreations like these of various iconic spots across different CS:GO maps. The imagination of individual artists puts a great touch on such user-generated content, making CS:GO feel much more than just a game.

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