Impressive Communication by s1mple Helps his Team Achieve Victory in an FPL Match on Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
26/May/2020 02:21 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: ESL Gaming - Helena Kristiansson

CS:GO is a fantastic game which offers a perfect blend of strategy and skill, even if a player is not the most skilled they can win a round or a match for their side just by strategising their approach towards the set objective. The worlds best CS:GO player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev recently showcased his experience, becoming a prime example of what was discussed above.

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The Ukrainian star while playing a match in the FPL (FACEIT Pro League) with a couple of other pro players from various teams, guided his team to victory by effectively communicating and informing them about the enemies positions, which was in stark contrast to how he usually wins a match for his team, on the back his superior skills.

Facing ‘team_YEKINDAR’ on Dust 2, with the scoreline reading ‘18-17’ in s1mple’s favour. The Ukrainian can be observed communicating each and every action of his with the team, right after getting entry through the ‘Mid Doors’ into ‘CT Mid’.

Though he falls early into the round, he keeps providing crucial information to his teammates, even guiding them at times through bursts of loud screams. Hey, it is tough for even a pro to keep a check on his nerves at all times!

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Despite the other players on S1mple’s teams being professionals themselves, who could have handled the situation perfectly on their own, it is always better to have a second opinion when facing such a tense situation. In the end, the effort did pay off as ‘team_s1mple’ won the match by a close score of ‘19-17’ to avoid another overtime.

Na’Vi who recently failed to qualify for the playoffs of ESL One: Road to Rio - CIS was under fire for their poor online performance, where s1mple was even engaged in a bit of a controversy with pro100’s rifler Dmitry 'dimasick' Matvienko, will soon be seen in action once again at DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe.

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