CS:GO Player Sneaks Past the Enemy Team to Execute a Crazy Defuse on Inferno

Aditya Singh Rawat
23/May/2020 04:02 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: u/DanaBanana173

CS:GO might be a team game but many-a-times you might find yourself constantly carrying your team through a series of rounds or even an entire match, sometimes you are rewarded with a win and other times you have to walk away with a loss despite giving it your best shot.

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While playing a recent match on Inferno u/DanaBanana173 faced a similar situation in the 14th round when he was left alone to clutch the round against five enemy players. Playing CT-sided the player carefully made his way up ‘Banana’ towards ‘B-Site’ where the C4 was planted.

He took care of the first player near the far-end of ‘Banana’ and quickly threw a smoke grenade between ‘HeadBox’ and ‘SandBags’. He walked inside the smoke, slowly making his way towards ‘B-Site’, he proceeded to take another frag right after coming out of the smoke and rushed to the site to stick a crazy defuse.

The three remaining players scrambled their way back to the site but were a microsecond too late. Though they got the last CT player, the round was already lost. 

It was an insane defuse and kudos to the player to have kept his nerves, taking advantage of the fact that his opponents were hungry for that last kill and failed to stick to the primary objective of guarding the site. Though u/DanaBanana173’s team lost the match, at least he got a fantastic clip out of it. Single-handedly clutching a 1v5 situation in style!

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