Fantastic Teamwork by CS:GO Players Leads to Possibly the Fastest Ace on Inferno

Aditya Singh Rawat
12/May/2020 04:44 pm

Every Counter-Strike player loves to showoff when they take a great kill, clutch a round for their team, or execute a play successfully, but the strongest flex of them all is taking an ace i.e. fragging all the five players on the other by all and any possible means.

And while in most cases this feat is achieved single-handedly or with some help from the team, it is a rare sight to witness a player taking an ace by working in tandem with their teammate. This is exactly what u/Flash1338 helped his teammate achieve as the two of them delivered 500 damage within a second to clean the enemy team.

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Playing T-sided on Inferno and down by a score of ‘10-6’, the user along with his teammate went up ‘Banana’, both of them lined up their respective HE Grenades and threw them towards ‘Grill’ one after the other and to everyone’s surprise, they were awarded 5 kills, as they dished out 500 damage within a second to perhaps take the fastest ace on Inferno!

By the looks of it, the enemy team playing CT-sided was attempting an ‘Eco Pyramid’ strategy at ‘Grill’ to catch the opposition off guard, but as luck would have it, they were met by two spot-on HE grenades which resulted in a surprisingly easy win for the T-side.

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While we might have come across a lot of spectacular Kobe moments like these, this particular clip was on a whole different level, simply because of the thoughtful teamwork which was displayed, leading to an effortless and an exciting ace.


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