Allu Faces Another one of those 'Bot Allu' Moments Against Astralis

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Mar/2020 02:39 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: ENCE

The current IGL of ENCE Aleksi “allu” Jalli has garnered a dual reputation of being both a great AWPer as well as a bot over the course of his career. And though he did try his best to ensure that ENCE were able to get rid of their losing streak by beating Astralis yesterday, it was this ‘200 IQ’ play made by allu that was the highlight of the match.

Though losing the round, allu wanted to hurl a ‘nade towards the far end of the pit on Inferno which might have granted him a kill, but as luck would have it, he ended up throwing the utility at the wall, missing the target while also dying himself due to the C4's explosion which Astralis had planted on the site.

It was an unfortunate moment for allu as the chat instantly erupted with the chant of ‘bot allu’, but in reality, it was an honest mistake made by the player who just wanted to make sure that if there was a player at the far end of the pit, he would die due to the combined damage of the ‘nade and the C4 explosion.

But as luck would have it, nerves got to him as he had to throw the utility and then back away from the site with the C4 about to explode, messing up both the things, not getting his intended frag while dying himself.

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ENCE has been facing a huge slump with a shocking win rate of just 29% since the start of 2020, with doubts over the team even qualifying for the next round of the currently on-going ESL Pro League, let’s see how long before the Finns are able to break their losing streak.

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