CS:GO Bug Causing Players Massive Disadvantage

Aditya Singh Rawat

27th Jan, 2020

Cover Image Courtesy: u/ArfieCat - Webdesign | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Counter-Strike

CS:GO like any other online multiplayer game comes across its fair share of bugs and glitches. With the players trying all sorts of things to break the game, a Reddit user by the name of ‘u/ArfieCat’ has uploaded a video in which he times his death within the game in such a way that, he dies exactly when the warmup session comes to an end. Only to start the actual game with a kill disadvantage and a registered death to his name.

Apparently there is a weird CS:GO bug that causes this to happen, which has been brought to light by the user. Though the bug does not grant any sort of monetary compensation to the opposite team, it is still a notable disadvantage for the player.

With Valve already tackling the camouflaging models by adjusting the maps and renovating specific parts of it, along with players requesting the removal of black smoke effect from the burning Molotov, they can add this bug to their list as well.