OG Faces a '2-0' Loss in its Debut Match at CS_Summit 5

Aditya Singh Rawat
12/Dec/2019 09:31 pm

OG stepping into their very first tournament with cs_summit 5 were up against a formidable opponent, mousesports, right off the bat. And the matchup did not fare well for the new boys on the block, as they lost both their games against the reigning EPL Season 10 champions.

Mousesports - 16
OG - 8

The first match between the two teams witnessed mousesports ban Vertigo and Train, as the two proceeded to play on Mirage. It was the worst possible start that OG could have expected, losing the first eight rounds in a row playing T-sided.

OG did bounce back, stringing six rounds in their favour, ending the half down by three rounds. And though support was strong for OG, with many hoping for them to make a comeback, mousesports did not give them an inch, running away with a solid ‘16-8’ victory.

Dust 2
Mousesports - 16
OG - 14

Following the loss, OG went on to ban Nuke and Overpass in their second outing, as the bout was decided to take place on Dust 2. This time OG found its footing, getting off the ground and converting it into a good lift-off.

But it all came crashing down in the second half when mousesports started holding down the sites, they came back from a five-round deficit at half time, to win the map with a convincing ‘16-14’ scoreline.

With this, OG went down ‘2-0’ in their debut match against mousesports at cs_summit 5. There are still a lot of matches left for them to play out in the next two days, for now, OG ends the day bearing two loses and a -10 round difference.


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