Conflict in schedule arises between eXTREMESLAND and ESL Pro League S10 - Asia

Aditya Singh Rawat
25/Oct/2019 09:01 am

Cover Image Credit: ESLGaming | Thumbnail Image Credit: ESL India

One of the biggest Asian CS:GO tournaments, ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2019 which has become an annual affair for the Asian and Oceania teams, despite releasing it's schedule more than three months in advance is facing a conflict, as ESL has scheduled the second group stage matches of ESL Pro League S10 - Asia to take place from 15th - 18th November.

None of the tournament organisers have changed their dates as of now and this might result in an ugly clash as two teams, Tyloo and ALPHA Red are competing in both tournaments.

If the dates continue to remain unchanged the teams will have to take a decision and forfeit their slot in one of the tournaments. 

With barely three weeks left before the tournaments are scheduled to begin, and if none of the organizers change their schedule, will a replacement team be able to make it in time?


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