Teenager Prevents Fellow CS:GO Player From Committing Suicide

Aditya Singh Rawat
13/Oct/2019 06:57 am

Cover Image Courtesy: WFSB 3 | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: WFSB 3

A fourteen-year-old named Reilly Howard studying at East Hampton High School was recently on a USA based news channel, WFSB 3, for using online gaming to save a teenager from committing suicide. The high schooler will be getting rewarded by his school officials.

Howard like every other gamer used to play online with friends and strangers and on one such occasion he came across a thirteen-year-old gamer from Florida who was in need of dire help, and Reilly was quick to respond.

According to Howard, “The 13-year-old messaged him one day saying he wanted to talk and cried his heart out while revealing that he had thought of taking his own life last night, he was choking a lot on the call and typed out that this might be his last night as he was going to go ahead with it.”

Howard kept talking to him and after spending two hours online with him, convinced him to call the suicide hotline. By this time, Howard’s parents came back home and got involved in the situation. They called the police, who in turn went to help the troubled teenager.

For saving the life of his friend, Reilly will soon be honoured by the East Hampton Board of Education at the end of the month.

While Howard acted quickly on the situation and made sure that no harm came to his friend, throughout the news broadcast on television, he can be seen playing CS:GO while blatantly using cheats, a combination of ‘Wall Hack’, ‘Spin Bot’, and ‘Auto Aim’, to kill bots in a practice session.

Howard using cheats against bots on a practise map | Image Credit: WFSB 3

The insane kill feed | Image Credit: WFSB 3

Users on Reddit were surprised seeing the kid use cheats so openly, without a care in the world, while some had the opinion that the kid might be just trolling the news channel and wanted to look like a pro.

While the intent behind Reilly's use of cheats on camera is unknown, it's very likely that this is his attempt at satire by trolling a news channel that is unlikely to be able to tell the difference between a hacker and a regular CS:GO player. Regardless, his concern and prompt action for a troubled fellow CS:GO player are commendable.


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