New Legends Stage - Day 1 Recap | Best Highlights, Plays, Memes & Fail Observing

Aditya Singh Rawat
28/Aug/2019 10:59 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: Igor Bezborodov | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Natus Vincere

The first day of the New Legends Stage for the ongoing StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 came to an end today with all the sixteen teams playing out their best-of-one matches. It wasn’t the most exciting opener for a Major, but definitely a packed one nonetheless.

The matches that stood out were; NRG escaping a close brush from Renegades, Na’Vi and G2 Esports having an intense face-off, MIBR roughing up NiP and DreamEaters making Astralis earn their victory.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Highlight Of The Day

A mostly passive day which was filled with numerous Counter-Strike matches taking place throughout the day, was certainly not the most exciting until Na’Vi went up against the French squad of G2 Esports.

It was the standout match for the day with the crowd waiting to see how Na’Vi would perform coming into the Major after a long break. G2 Esports who have been playing some top-notch Counter-Strike themselves since the past few months were definitely not an easy opposition to go up against.

Though Na’Vi went down, they gave one hell of a fight, taking the match into overtime on Overpass. G2 will be really happy with this victory, gaining that initial burst of confidence after taking down a scary Na’Vi.

Best Plays Of The Day

The KQLY Shot

Quad Kill To Secure The Map

DreamEaters With The 1000 IQ Play

Amazing Triple Kill By GeT_RiGhT

Best Memes | Funny Moments

Gratisfactio, the Italian chef

Credit: /u/--Nimbus--

StarLadder has skipped some English classes

Credit: /u/Shadoweee

The true Major logo

Credit: /u/GRUMPY_csgo

Fail Observing Moments | Fan Moments

With the first day segregating the 16 teams into two pools of winners and losers, let’s see which teams drop down to the elimination bracket and which of them go on to secure a position in the first qualifying round.

Image Credit: Liquipedia


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