After EZ4ENCE, The Verkkars are back with Winlandia

Aditya Singh Rawat
28/Aug/2019 09:27 am

Cover Image Courtesy: The Verkkars - Winlandia | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Gobuz

‘The Verkkars’ who shot to fame earlier this year with the release of their song EZ4ENCE, are back at it once again with another song being released today called ‘Winlandia’.

Having already shown their support for CS:GO team ENCE in the past, the Finnish artists have now released a track whose title translates to 'Win it for the land' i.e. Finland, or 'Land of the Winners' - which is likely a reference to esports champions from Finland such as StarCraft II player Joona 'Serral' Sotala and Dota 2 players Topias 'Topson' Taavitsainen and Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka who have won two consecutive iterations of The International with Team OG.

The lyrics are filled with memes about ENCE and its players. The very first scene that shows the singers going into the house and coming out with a box full of Redbull, points out to an old Allu reference, while simultaneously being a play on ENCE being sponsored by Redbull.

Just after this scene, the very first lyrics of the song are, “First we give them siima, then we pull the matto alta”. This line which had been spammed a lot during the IEM Katowice Major 2019, roughly translates to, “First we give them bait and as soon as they fall for it, we turn things around on them”.

During the video, there is a scene where they get a call from Natu, he can be seen standing in front of a hot tub outside. This is also an ENCE meme and as Natu works for ENCE, it is again a doubleheader from Verkkars.

Finally, the numerous sour milk references are all aimed towards Sergej who during the Katowice Major had made the following statement, “Two glasses of milk and two glasses of sour milk this time?”. Since then it has become a copypasta about him.

Last time around their song ‘EZ4ENCE’ went crazy viral amassing a total of 4.9 million views, while also being officially added by Valve as a Music Kit, up for purchase so the players can equip it while playing CS:GO.

The Verkkars have done their part, showing their support for ENCE with this banger of a track and showcasing their belief in them once again. With the New Legends Stage starting today, let’s see how the day plays out for Allu and the boys.


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