DreamEaters & Vitality are the last two teams to qualify for the Legends Stage

Aditya Singh Rawat
26/Aug/2019 08:21 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: Igor Bezborodov | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: StarLadder

The StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 continued on with its New Challengers Stage as DreamEaters faced off against their local rivals forZe and Vitality faced an unexpected elimination match-up against Grayhound.

The CIS derby was not as intense as one would have expected it to be. DreamEaters were far better prepared for the face-off then forZe and this was pretty evident with the flow of the three-game series.

On the other hand, Vitality was ready to walk into the legends stage after having a bleak overall performance throughout the challenger's stage. The French roster walked in today to qualify and they meant business right from the get-go as they made their way through a tough fight put up by Grayhound.

The CIS Derby

They two started off the bout on DreamEaters pick Overpass. ForZe did a great job playing CT-sided in the first half as they restricted DreamEaters to a lead of just three rounds, but what followed in the second half was a disastrous T-side play.

Even though forZe were able to find three early rounds, DreamEaters broke their momentum and won the map giving away just one more round to the opposition.

Despite being a map down forZe felt confident about tying up the score as the two faced-off on Mirage. But disaster struck instantly as DreamEaters played a brilliant T-side in the first half.

ForZe gave it their best shot in the following half but the lead was too big to cover up and DreamEaters struck gold twice. Winning the match ’16-12’ and taking the series by a score of ‘2-0’.

The French Hope 

Vitality who was never supposed to have been in such a situation was facing a do-or-die situation against Grayhound. The two fought on Dust 2 in their first game, and despite the map being Grayhounds’ pick, they never looked comfortable playing on it.

Vitality held sites with such ferocity that Grayhound was just not able to break through their defences. All they could muster in the first half were two rounds to their name, this was followed by a rather short second half. There was only so much Grayhound could have do stop the Frenchmen, as they went down by a score of ’16-5’.

With a loss on their map, the hounds walked out to face Vitality on Overpass. Though under pressure the hounds fought through brilliantly as they secured eleven rounds playing CT-sided, the second half witnessed a good hustle by Vitality but it wasn’t enough to close out on the huge lead that the hounds had.

Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong was the saviour for his side as he averaged 1.50 on the map as Grayhound took the match onto the decider on Inferno.

The final decider was the cherry on top in this exciting three-match series. Vitality picked up pace in the first half as they secured eleven rounds playing CT-sided, Grayhound was just not able to execute what they wanted with Vitality always holding an off-angle be it near arches or around the pit.

The hounds really leapt more than expected in the second half but still landed a long way off the target. As vitality secured the victory, taking the series ‘2-1’ and qualifying through as the last team to make it to the legends stage.

With this both DreamEaters & Vitality round-up the sixteen teams that will be facing each other in the legends stage. Sadly enough Grayhound could not make it to the legends stage as erkaSt’s stay with the team comes to an end with this loss.


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