FURIA picks up new Academy Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
22/Aug/2019 06:40 am

Cover Image Courtesy: FURIA Esports | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: The Clutch

Since releasing their roster back in January this year, FURIA Academy has gone ahead to pick up a completely new roster yesterday. This new roster will be functioning under the banner of FURIA Inagame.

The Academy team is as follows,

  • Marcelo ‘Pleets’ Milk

  • Rodrigo ‘proSHOW’ Guluzian

  • Gabriel ‘skN’ Lijenko

  • Olova ‘heat’ Marcelo

  • Vinicius ‘VN’ Stardiotto

  • Leonardo ‘msr’ Caixeta [Coach]

In the current roster, heat, VN and msr were bought on-board directly while Pleets, proSHOW and skN were picked up after making their way through a tryout.

The FURIA Academy project which has recruited its third roster in the past two years, is well known in Brazil and they have had a good history with players like Vinicius ‘VINI’ Figueiredo, Kaike ‘KSCERATO’ Cerato, and Rinaldo ‘ableJ’ Moda, who are now playing for FURIA Esports, being a part of this.

According to Jaime Padua, CEO of Furia Esports,

“The project is aimed to consolidate a team on Brazilian soil, as well as providing an opportunity for new players. The goal of the FURIA Academy project is to have a strong team, on the national soil as well and provide opportunities for players to fit into the competitive landscape of the sport.”

Leonardo ‘msr’ Caixeta, coach of FURIA Inagame, is confident with the line-up and says the following,

“My expectation with the new line of FURIA Academy is the best possible and I'm sure that with work, dedication and support from the organization we will be able to make our way among the best teams in the country. With my experience, I hope to add values in the competitive growth of the team along with the training of athletes ”

The line-up is training hard and will be seen competing in the upcoming GamersClub Open League. Will this academy roster give rise to the next best player from Brazil, only time will tell.


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