Fifflaren along with Niklas Fischier exposes more about Hicham & HeatoN

Aditya Singh Rawat
17/Aug/2019 05:35 pm

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What had started with Robin ‘Fifflaren’ Johansson bringing out the truth about Ninjas in Pyjamas in front of everyone on the Richard Lewis Show, has slowly escalated since, as more people who have worked with the organization in the past have spoken about their experiences.

All of them have pointed towards the mismanagement of the organization when it came to them getting paid for their work, along with other things such as stealing of funds, tax evasion and lack of communication.

NiP in an attempted reply to Fifflaren’s accusation stated that the ‘Old Management’ is to be blamed for all the above, as they lacked clear communication with their employees while failing to keep track of the books and maintaining a proper ledger.

This reply by NiP was less than satisfactory as they failed to answer any of the questions raised against them, simply trying to beat around the bush and shift all the blame on something that doesn’t exist anymore.

NiP faced a huge backlash from the community while losing out on a portion of their fan base. But this wasn’t the end of it, as yesterday a missing part of the story was brought to justice as Niklas Fischier, former NiP CEO, told his part of the story to Devin from theScore esports.

According to the video released by theScore esports, Niklas has stated the reason behind him going to Thailand was because he was going through a lot of personal problems along with high stress from work. His parents owned some property in Thailand and they were the ones who suggested that he take a break.

He went on to share how Hicham Chahine wanted to come on board desperately and persuaded him emotionally to agree with him and his already existing partner Emil Christensen. He soon realised that they just wanted him gone and away from the new team.

They wanted to get rid of him because the organization had signed contracts with the players that stated that they would receive 50% of the company collectively and the other two were opposed to this idea, especially Emil who was against this decision since the start.

They couldn’t buy him out so they had to get rid of the company somehow and drove it into bankruptcy. They stopped paying the accountant and ignored all their calls, they were nowhere to be found and then they failed to file the annual report.

NOTE: For a more detailed explanation click HERE.

At the root of it all, it was Emil and Hicham that are to be blamed for everything according to Niklas Fischier. For now, it cannot be said with total confidence that they are the ones at fault as there are still some discrepancies in the story.

Fifflaren was quite vocal about his opinion on the matter and took to Twitter earlier today to express how he felt about the situation via a series of tweets.

The video along with Fifflaren’s tweets have certainly caused a lot of commotion and has finally led to Emil Christensen come out and address the situation, telling everyone to stay tuned for his side of the story.

Let’s see what the ‘Esport Hall Of Fame’ member has to say for himself and if he can do a better job than Hicham at actually addressing the situation, rather than shifting the blame onto someone else.


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