BIG announces Tobias 'tow b' Herberhold as the new Head Coach

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/Aug/2019 02:54 pm

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BIG, after their recent set of changes in order to restructure their CS:GO roster has gone ahead and announced the arrival of Tobias ‘tow b’ Herberhold as their new head coach.

The 35-year-old German, who is a former 1.6 player, has taken up the responsibility to lead the recently assembled line-up of BIG. He has in the past coached tier-two German teams like ALTERNATE aTTax, Seed and Sprout.

Under his guidance ALTERNATE aTTax did well in the local circuit, performing well at both 99Liga S5 Div.1 & 99Liga S6 Div.1, placing second and first in the two events, respectively.

But it was with Sprout that he had a great time. It was a hard grind through 2018 as Sprout could only manage a second-place finish at the PMU Challenge 2018 under his guidance. But he really turned things around for the squad in the following year by attaining victory at the ESL Meisterschaft: Summer 2019 followed by a strong run in April where the team finished in second place in three back-to-back events.

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This is what truly brought out his capability as a coach. He took Sprout from the bottom to achieving top-three finishes in European tournaments on a constant basis.

Tow b will be working alongside the new IGL, Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz, as they ensure maintaining a strong team spirit while helping in improving each player individually.

Tobias ‘tow b’ Heberhold, Head Coach - BIG, had to say the following,

Image Credit: BIG Clan

He will be making the first official appearance with BIG in the coming Game Clash Masters, taking place from 20-22 September at Gdynia, Poland. There will also be a chance that BIG might play against Sprout, who have also been invited for the tournament.

Let’s see how Sprout holds up against BIG, who are not only stronger with better players but will also be playing alongside their ex-coach as well.

In a statement to HLTV, Sabit ‘mirbit’ Coktasar said the following,

“His departure came as a huge shock to everyone. He contributed a lot that led to our recent success and development. Especially for me it was a big setback since I look up to him not only as a coach but also as a person we should all respect and we could learn from. Whatever happens in the future I wish him nothing but the best and happiness in life.”

The current BIG roster is as follows,

  • Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz

  • Tizian ‘tiziaN’ Feldbusch

  • Ismailcan ‘XANTARES’ Dörtkarde?

  • Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield

  • Johannes ‘nex’ Maget [recovery]

  • Tobias ‘tow b’ Herberhold [Coach]

  • Nikola ‘LEGIJA’ Nini? [Stand-In]

  • Denis ‘denis’ Howell [Benched]


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