Coldzera speaks about Fallen, Felps & SHOOWTiME among others while talking about his time in MIBR

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14/Aug/2019 02:43 pm

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Marcelo ‘Coldzera’ David seemed to have a lot to talk about in his recent interview with a Brazilian YouTube channel called ‘Shot da Caju’. The Brazilian star certainly had a lot on his mind, as he spoke freely about many things that had happened in the past.

The 30-minute interview seemed to have caught a lot of attention as Coldzera spoke about how he stepped into the scene, his initial days, League of Legends, issues with Gustavo ‘SHOOWTiME’ Gonçalves, leaving MIBR and even about his retirement.

NOTE: As the interview was in Brazilian, everything that has been written below is a translation that was auto-generated by YouTube and a bit of grammatical reconstruction. Also, inputs from various Reddit threads were taken to assist with the translations.

The interview was quite different than the ones that we usually come across in a tournament or even outside of it. It was a very casual setup with Coldzera sitting and holding a cold one, as he and the hostess took shots every now and then in between the interview.

This is a gist of the entire conversation. To watch the whole interview feel free to click HERE, though it is in Brazilian.

Coldzera’s History

The player talks about how he got into CS due to his brother and soon became better than him. He quickly ascended to the top, but only after joining Fallen and co did he realize what a big deal CS was. Together they dominated the local Brazilian circuit. But his family soon moved to the US and he had a hard time adjusting, this resulted in an argument and his father gave him $2000 to pursue his career in CS.

He goes on to clarify that he didn't suffer any kind of prejudice in the US and the reason to move back to Brazil was his own, a decision supported by his father who is also his number one fan.

About Fallen

He states that he is irked by everyone constantly pointing out that Fallen helped him a lot throughout his career and justifies being even with Fallen as he’s also helped him.

Comparing himself to Fallen, he says that despite having a 13-year long career, he (Fallen) hasn’t achieved much alone. His career might be big but he never had such success before he (Coldzera), Taco and Fnx, joined the team.

Rapid Fire

In a Rapid-Fire, he goes on to answer the following:

  • The best player to have ever played with: Epitácio ‘Taco’ De Melo (He plays for the team) 

  • The best player to have ever played against: Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev

  • Worst player to have ever played with: Gustavo ‘SHOOWTiME’ Gonçalves

  • Worst player to have ever played against: Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko (Na'Vi) 

  • A player he dreams of playing along with: Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kova?

  • Two players he would never pay with: Joshua 'Steel' Nissan & Ricardo 'Boltz' Prass (Steel because he would play and practice a lot, but mostly on Death Matches which according to me is a wrong way, no analysis of any kind and Boltz because of his go easy attitude, he gets in a comfort zone and stops trying)

  • Who's the most complete player between him and Fallen: Him, because he can play with any weapon. 

  • Worst MIBR player from 2018 onwards: João ‘felps’ Vasconcellos

  • A team that has disappointed him: Astralis

Issues with SHOOWTiME & Disappointment with Astralis

Coldzera goes on to elaborate on the two from his previous rapid-fire.


Talking about SHOOWTiME, Coldzera says that the only reason for picking him up was that he was available and already in the US. To make him more comfortable, Coldzera gave up his role, as they both played the same position. He constantly offered to help SHOOWTiME but he never reached back to him. He got annoyed because SHOOWTiME was wasting a chance of a lifetime by playing other games like Battlefield rather than focus on CS and practise.

SHOOWTiME later took to twitter and shared his side of the story via a series of tweets which are well collected and presented in English by u/Gleiser on Reddit.

Through these tweets, SHOOWTiME says that though he has a lot of respect for Coldzera as a player, he was very rude to him and he had the displeasure of playing with him. He says that he was serious for the role and never for once took anything for granted. He thanks Fallen and Taco for being the ones to teach him the most and dismisses the fact that he played BF while standing-in for SK.


Moving on to Astralis, Coldzera went on to point out that when MIBR was on top they would hang out with other players and teams including Astralis but when they ascended to the top, they stopped chilling with MIBR.

Coldzera specifically picks out Nicolai ‘Dev1ce’ Reedtz and says that his ego skyrocketed, as he became a snob. He confronted Dev1ce once and told him not to speak to him ever again, pointing out his change in behaviour. Dev1ce cried and apologised but he didn’t accept any of it, never will.

A bit about Fnx and Felps

Though Coldzera praised Fnx stating that they could never manage to find a proper replacement for him, he also said that he was a ticking time bomb, because as a person fnx was tough to deal with and lacked motivation.

He was given multiple chances by the organization to change and improve his motivation issues but he didn’t change and the team together took the decision to cut him from the roster. They did think of bringing him back thrice but changed their mind.

Talking about Felps, Coldzera goes on to say that though he is a great player individually, he brings nothing to the team. He does practise for ten hours a day but not in the correct manner. Coldzera was disturbed by the fact that felps didn’t engage in any group activities like eating meals together and certainly wasn’t amused by his individual playstyle.

Parting ways with MIBR

He spoke about how he had wanted to leave MIBR back in 2018 but changed his mind as Stewie2k convinced him to stay. He stayed put but was in disagreement when the team wanted to go back to an all Brazilian roster, he still wanted to play with Stewie2k and Tarik.

He was in agreement with Taco replacing Tarik but was completely opposed to the idea of playing with felps. He wanted the team to consider KSCERATO instead, but MIBR could not go ahead with the acquisition as FURIA demanded an absurd amount for the transfer.

2019 had been sad for him, as everyone started bringing personal and external matters to the team and this had a direct impact on their in-game performance. The constant streak of loses was not helping either as Coldzera considers himself a very competitive person and hates to lose.

During a team discussion, he spoke his mind out and left. He said he isn’t eager to play in MIBR anymore and ended the segment comparing MIBR’s fall to that of Astrali’s.

Plans after the Major

Coldzera has no intention of slacking off and wants to make a comeback right after the Major. He spoke about there being a bit of bad blood between him and the organization, as everyone is publicly talking about being happy and the team doing good, and it saddens him.

He points out that nothing of the sorts took place when Taco or Felps left. He rests the case by saying that he isn’t vengeful and he will be satisfied when MIBR falls silent after losing against him.

He closes out the subject by saying that he would surely play with the rest of the MIBR again if the things change for the better.


Apart from all the talk about Counter-Strike Coldzera said that he never feels pressure before a game and never lets a loss linger in the back of his mind. If he wins, he wins. If he loses, life goes on.

He also talked a bit about the LoL scene in Brazil while sharing with everyone that the highest rank reached by him was Diamond 1.

With this, the interview came to an end. A lot of things were spoken by Coldzera, who didn’t seem to hold anything back or mask his emotions in any way.

Let’s see how MIBR go on to perform in the Berlin Major without one of the best players that Brazil has to offer. In the meantime which teams do you guys think have offered a spot to Coldzera? Apart from the obvious FaZe Clan of course!


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