Tyloo qualifies for DH Masters Malmö 2019 through the Chinese Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat
12/Aug/2019 09:33 am

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The Chinese Closed Qualifier for DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 which took place from 8th-11th August came to an end yesterday with Tyloo making its way through to the main event.

The closed qualifier was played between 8 Chinese teams, four of them directly invited while the other four made their way through the open qualifier. These 8 teams played each other in a best-of-three double-elimination bracket with Tyloo fighting its way through to Malmö, Sweden.

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The Chinese representatives had to go through a tough finale, fighting against their local rivals ViCi Gaming who had earlier in the tournament defeated them in the semifinals in another close three-game series.

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Tyloo Secures Malmö


Tyloo had no problem defeating JiJieHao, Lynn Vision and 5Power Gaming on its way to the finale but had to grind it out against ViCi Gaming and 8EASY in the semifinals and lower bracket round three, respectively.

Tyloo’s loss against ViCi in the semifinals was justified. Both the teams had won their respective picks and were playing out the decider on Train, a map on which Tyloo does not perform well, facing a harsh defeat and dropping down to the lower bracket. Tyloo were caught off guard against 8EASY, who seemed to really perform in accordance with their name.

After loosing on Train, Tyloo had to give everything that they had to survive on Mirage. They took the victory in overtime and claimed the decider on Dust 2 after another intense match.

The finale could have been a ‘2-0’ affair for Tyloo but ViCi showed great resistance to take the match onto the decider on Overpass. Tyloo took the series ‘2-1’ but their overall performance was not very appealing, especially right before the Berlin Major which starts on 23rd August.

Current Standing

Though Tyloo seems to be favouring Mirage and Dust 2, they are really poor on Train and unstable on Inferno. They look quite confident on Overpass and nothing can be said about Vertigo.

Individually the Tyloo players need to pick up more responsibility, as only three players from Tyloo were in the ‘Top 8 Players’ according to HLTV. 

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While somebody seems to be on a fragging spree with +78 K-D ratio, Summer was seen struggling a bit.

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With barely 10 days left before the Major, let's see if Tyloo are able to tighten their grip around some of their lesser played maps and step-up their individual performance to match the international competition or do we witness another first stage blow out.


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