ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018: India Regional Finals All Set To Go

Aditya Singh Rawat

8th, Sep, 2018

The India Qualifier Finals for ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 are starting today on 8th September. The 4 teams that have made it all the way to this final phase of the qualifier will be fighting it out at LXG, Bangalore.

The teams will engage in a double elimination BO3 bracket with the first round match-ups already being declared as follows: 

The road till the finals have been really tough and uber-competitive, let's take a quick look at how these teams managed to make it all the way till here along with highlighting a few bedazzling moments from their journey. 

OpTic India 

OpTic India stood up to everyone's expectation and was the very first team to cement their position in the India Qualifier Finals. 

They were one among the 8 teams to have been invited for the Direct Invite Qualifier. Here, OpTic faced off against teams like 2ez Gaming, Invictus and Entity Gaming.  

While 2ez Gaming and Invictus were taken care of quite comfortably, Entity Gaming was quite a handful bunch as they made OpTic drop a round for the first time within the qualifier but OpTic sailed through rough waters to become the first team to make it into the India Qualifier Finals. 

Entity Gaming 

Right behind the green wall followed Entity Gaming, becoming the second team to make it through to the India Qualifier Finals. 

Entity also qualified through the Direct Invite Qualifier. They faced off against ATE Gaming, Brutality, OpTic India & 2ez Gaming on its way to the finals. They managed to win against every team except for OpTic against whom they have lost 2 times in a row.  

It will be interesting to see the two of them face off against each other yet again in the final qualifier. 


Brutality was another team in the Direct Invite Qualifier but could not make it through via this qualifier. 

They took part in the Mumbai Offline Qualifiers and competed against 18 other participants. After winning 4 rounds they faced ATE Gaming in the finals, although the match was tough Brutality overcame the challenge defeating them ‘2-1’ and qualified to the Upper Bracket of the India Decider Qualifiers. 

Brutality along with 7 other teams competed in the India Decider Qualifier. They defeated Frag Magnets in the first UB round but lost to SRA in the UB Finals. Dropping to the lower bracket the played the eliminator against Invictus, defeating them ‘2-0’ Brutality managed to qualify for the India Qualifier Finals. 

Slaughter Rage Army 

They participated in the Bhubaneshwar Offline Qualifier and came out on top amongst the 13 teams that participated in the open qualifier.

SRA came into the Upper Bracket of the India Decider Qualifier to go up against Invictus, defeating them with ‘2-0’ they went onto face Brutality. Although the competition was tough they managed to edge past them and take a slot within the India Qualifier Finals.

This is how the 4 teams came to be a part of the India Final Qualifier with the winner set to represent the country in Shanghai while competing in the ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 offering a prize pool worth $100,000 USD

Stay tuned as we update you with the results of the Final Qualifier starting today at LXG, Bangalore. 

The stream will be live at youtube.com/lxgindiatv 

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