Zfreek on ESL One Mumbai, HoN and how he has changed over the years

Vignesh Raghuram

30th, Apr, 2019

In association with Esports Heaven, we recently interviewed Zakari "Zfreek" Freedman about his experiences with ESL One Mumbai, HoN and how he has changed over the years.

Below is an excerpt from the interview. 


Hi Zfreek. Welcome to Mumbai. Let’s be honest, this tournament hasn’t been up to your expectations. Is it disappointing after performing so well at MDL qualifiers?

It sucks but it’s not that weird. I think NA has a very different meta going on than most of the international competition and its take a little bit to adjust back to international competition when we have been stuck in NA for a while now. Everyone kind of just gets used to playing against themselves and you know you got to get out in the world to get your ass kicked a bit.


What would help you much better? Attending events like ESL One Mumbai or boot camping somewhere in EU or China?

I think both LAN events and boot camp have their own importance. LAN events help a lot making a player more comfortable playing at the next LAN, of course.

You get a lot of experience and having to adapt to the internal meta at a LAN but at a boot camp you can work on specific things a lot more easily. Everything you do is a secret so you can change up what you’re doing and not worry that other people are still going to look at it. In the end, they both help.


Let’s go a bit back. You started your career in HoN alongside your brother, Kyle. Which one of you started in HoN first?

We got in pretty much at the same time. He played competitively before I did until he made me play with him. Besides that, we got into gaming at the same time


you can read the full interview on esportsheaven.com


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