Your Dota games, our magical voices - Name a better duo, we'll wait!

Shounak Sengupta

9th, Mar, 2018
The AFK Gaming team is happy to announce that we’ll be starting a fun new series. Send us your replays and we'll cast them LIVE on our Twitch channel. What's more, we're inviting community members to come co-cast with us to show off their skills and get started with casting Dota 2.
Ever had one of those epic games which you think deserved to be broadcasted for everyone to see? Well now you can send them to us and we'll showcase it with some top notch play by play and expert analysis to go along with it. Also, who wouldn’t like these wonderful gents to lend a voice to your beautiful 9k gameplay?

To submit a replay fill out the form HERE.

We will also be looking to give up and coming casters an opportunity to showcase their talents and expand their knowledge and skills in terms of casting. Simply put we will be training and giving casting opportunities to those who have some or little casting experience and want to try their hand at it on a bigger scale. We have often seen that while a lot of young Dota fans want to get into casting, they need some amount of guidance and technical help - we'd like to lend a hand here.
To participate in the program and apply as a caster please fill out the form HERE.


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