?Yodhas get back to winning ways

Shounak Sengupta

11th, Feb, 2018
The Yodhas got back to winning ways with a thumping victory over the struggling Crusaders. As we come towards the end of the group stages, it seems as the Crusaders will most likely be the team to have conceded the title race first.
The Yodhas started off with victories in both Real Cricket and Tekken to put down any hopes for the Crusaders, who by this point need clean sweeps to make up for the earlier part of the season.
Crusaders continue their good form in Counter-Strike
The Crusaders picked up their second win a row in Counter-Strike with Rex coming in hot with 32 frags to power his team to the win. It was only the third cbble pick of the season and it was a close finish, going 16-14 the way of the Crusaders.
Kav1sh and co started off the T side strong and despite going down in the eco following their pistol win, they built up an 8-3 lead. They ended the half with a dominant 10-5 scoreline which gave them the edge going into the second half. In fact, this lead would be crucial as the second half was back and forth before the Crusaders just managed to close it out. It was a commendable effort from the Yodhas who made it close losing out by a single round.
Yodhas put 4 wins a row in Dota 2
The Yodhas continued their good form in Dota with a 4th consecutive victory, edging out the Crusaders in a game which was close in terms of the graphs, but not in terms of the team fights. The DP and Brewmaster coming out of the Crusaders didn’t end up doing as much in team fights and it was too much responsibility on the Anti Mage to carry out. On the other side, the Yodhas had some good combos with the Treant setting up the Invoker for some really nice combos while the Luna sliced and diced her way to a victory.
With this, the Crusaders have put themselves in a position from which a recovery is not only unlikely but also not in their hands. The Yodhas meanwhile pick up 11 crucial points which will come of use when the battle for the playoffs begin to heat up.  


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