Yakshas extend their lead at the top

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
The Yakshas extended their lead at the top of the table with another win against the Crusaders. It wasn’t a clean sweep like last time but 11 more points puts the Yakshas safely on top of the leaderboards. The Crusaders came into the game with nothing to lose, as they are already out of the race for the playoffs but looks like their fortunes are far from turning.
The console and mobile titles have been especially hard on the Crusaders and their disastrous run in both Tekken and Real Cricket continued as they fell in both.
Krissh gets 5 points for the Crusaders
Counter-Strike has been the one weak point for the Yakshas and they fell to yet another defeat once again. With qualification secured, impale mentioned that they were looking to try out some new stuff and while that might have been a possible reason, let’s not take anything away from Krissh’s performance. The man stepped up with the AWP in both halves to get the win and save some face for the Crusaders.
The Yakshas still look a step below their contemporaries especially in the CT side and this game was a good example of the same. Going into the second half with a 1 round lead would not be enough for the Yakshas as their defence was broken time and again by the Crusaders. They were holding too many default angles and kept getting pre-fired by the T side. Some of their senior players like Skadoosh and impale need to be playing more of a team game than constantly going for individual plays if the Yakshas want to go all the way and lift the trophy.
The Yakshas pulled out a surprise Meepo pick that caught the Crusaders off guard. With Medusa and Meepo racking up the farm, Invincible’s Invoker had too much to do in teamfights. The Yakshas have looked rock solid in Dota and all their players have impressed in their roles. Be it Acrid’s carry, Appa’s mid or even PunK on the support role, each and every member has contributed in their own way. A similar case cannot be made for the Crusaders who have heavily relied on Invincible and Remstar for the most part. This game was a good example of that and the Yakshas took a convincing victory to take the game and the match.
With this, the Yakshas are very much on course to finish on top of the table with one game remaining. The Crusaders are already out of the race but can still try to put a win on the board in their last game. 


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